New Things!

Everything is finally starting to settle down at the new apartment and ramp up when it comes to work. I will have another post soon about all that though! Exciting news though!

First, sketchbooks are coming soon along with new prints in the shop! Working on a lot of new art to get ready for Hub City Comic Con so be on the look out for that update! I will mostly have 4x6 prints but if people want bigger sizes let me know and I'll make it happen!

Second, if you use to follow me on Youtube when I did vlogs, well I started them up again!

Third, after a lot of shopping around to find a place online to get #Workcomics printed, everything kinda left me disappointed. It's apparently hard to find a reasonably priced picture book that is post-it note sized. So we went local and after some back and forth and some amazing support from Star Comics, #Workcomics will be out in print! I'll have my own comic! In paper! With my name on it!

It'll cover 2 months of doodles and comics so roughly 60 pictures! We're getting everything set and I am having to getting a whole lot of post-it notes scanned and cleaned up, but I should have them for Hub City Comic Con at the latest. They'll be available online as well :)

I'm still working on getting some buttons, stickers, and other things made and put online but I'd rather put everything up at once then slowly one thing at a time.


-Sam <3