Ladies Night, Moving, Youtube

It's been a long few months with event after event, but now I finally get a bit of time to rest. Kinda.

Mostly because we're moving which isn't really rest but it's non-work related. Ladies Night is done and in the bags. It was a tremendous success and I want to thank everyone for coming out! It was pretty great and I got to see a lot of new faces which I always adore.

We're going to be changing how we do LN in the future. I've always wanted to use it to give other women opportunities when I can SO if you know a female artist who would be interested in doing our flyers, a female vendor with geeky/comic booky things, or a female photographer, email me @! We've got our next two events for the year scheduled and I'd love to get some new talent out there!

Last LN news, I remembered to actually film some of the event for once and you can check it out in the weekly vlog below:


If you aren't aware, I use to do daily Youtube vlogs for like a year or two straight. It was nice, but stressful so I switched formats a bit and have started trying to do weekly vlogs and just editing everything together later. My first weekly one was Staple and I've done two since then with a fourth coming soon so if vlogs are your thing then feel free to watch them.

And last up, moving! We got a house! I'm getting out of my tiny apartment and will have an actual office! The dog will have a backyard and will hopefully, stop demolishing my furniture in her boredom!

We'll be switching to the new house in May and trying to get it fully done before/after Yellow City Comic Con so the store will be closed May 2nd. BUT, for now here's a Moving Sale coupon code for 15% off: BIGMOVE2016. Buy stuff now before it all gets boxed up! Hopefully with the new space, I'll be able to get a schedule down to work on new things, get orders done, and draw/paint. It's exciting and will most likely film what I can so again, check the vlogs.

I think that's it for now. Remember to email if you know any ladies that would like to be a part of Ladies Night and go buy some stuffs.

-Sam <3