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As much as I love my birthday, I do not like getting older. I was a kid who had big, lofty goals which then morphed into an adult with serious perfectionist issues. By 13, I was going to be a writer, cook, and full time artist. I am none of those things. But things are getting better and though some of those goals I'm still aiming for (the writer and artist part, not the cooking part), I'm a bit more reasonable and understand there are small stepping stones.

Next year I will be turning 27 years old. I will be 3 years away from 30. We will be moving to Seattle, across the country, on our own and I don't know if I will be ready. It feels like I'm going to be an actual adult and it's strange. Leaving everything behind, I want to get done as much as possible here because who knows how life will be once I move.

27 Before 27

I read Write Like a Girl's 27 before 27 Birthday Bucket List and thought it was such a neat idea! I'm a few month's behind, but I'm excited to get started!

Here are 27 things I want to do before I turn 27!

  1. Save at least 4k for moving
  2. Connect with friends more outside of events
  3. Finish the #52Selfies Project
  4. Minimize my possessions
  5. Do one big women's event in town
  6. Visit family more often
  7. Take more naps
  8. Go to another concert
  9. Get another tattoo and get my nose pierced
  10. Have a solo gallery
  11. Paint a large painting
  12. Be less wasteful
  13. Do at least 3 cosplays
  14. Look into breast reduction
  15. Do things that make me happy, not for money
  16. Be less harsh with my body image
  17. Learn to say no and do not stress yourself
  18. Be free to feel confident in how you look, what you love, and to not be serious all the time
  19. Take care of my body and health better
  20. Take a class
  21. Show more gratitude
  22. Try a spa
  23. Stop biting my nails
  24. Go roller skating again
  25. Start meditating
  26. Finish a short story and submit for publishing
  27. Learn to go running

My birthday is next January and being a bit behind, I'm giving myself some leeway. Some of these things have been on my list for a while and some I think would just be neat to try. But I'm willing to try new things and I want to make the time I have left here in my home town worth while.


Do you have a birthday bucket list? Let me know!

-Sam <3