#OOTD | Classy Grunge

IMG_9918IMG_9915Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV I can completely blame my love for vintage dresses on my love for Pin-up. I have a deep love for pin-up and the style and use any excuse to emulate that when I can. My bookshelves have quite a few pin-up fashion books and some of my favorite Instagrams are retro accounts.

If I could, I'd dress in swing dresses all the time. They're comfortable and flowy and spinning in them makes me feel like I'm some elegant creature. Fortunately for me, I've also discovered that most retro dresses fit my body type rather well which has led me to stock pile swing dresses and pencil skirts.

My style is a weird, all over the place mess but can be broken down pretty easily. You can usually catch me in either a retro swing dress, punk-inspired wear and vests, or witchy goth-wear. I am a fickle creature.


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Because my body type is kind of hard to shop for, I hate shopping in stores. I hate trying on clothes and I'd rather not pick ten things, fall in love with them on the hanger, then try them on and reminder I am not the target body for these clothes.

When I find something that works for me, I hoard the style. I actually have another dress in this same cut but black with blue roses that I had bought on Amazon. Going through the, "Shoppers also bought..." section has led me down a spiral of assorted swing dresses. So I ended up buying this one, thinking it was a nice toned down version of my other ones. Not too goth, but still kinda grunge-punk inspired with the plaid.

It's longer than my other one, hitting my calves, but it doesn't make me look short like long dresses sometimes do. The ballet flats suited it quite well and with my favorite choker, it was simple but classy and so so comfortable.

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I wore the dress to our friends' engagement party and didn't feel too dressed up. My makeup didn't take too long and my hair mostly complied. We were exhausted after getting home late from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (which was amazing), and then getting up early to work at the comic shop for Free Comic Book Day.

We only had a few hours to change, shower, and get dressed (while also letting the dogs out and trying to tire them out since they'd be stuck in the kennels) and then we were off to the party.

Safe to say, it was a busy but fun day.

Tomorrow we're giving the house some TLC and going to the movies again for my dad's birthday. I have to update my planner, sort everything I need to get done for the week and to prep for Lubbock-Con. I'll also probably plan out some blog posts. I'm liking the every other day, 3 posts a week schedule but feel free to give feed back.

There's a few events this month and I'll be making a post on all of them.

This is also my last post with my green/blue hair. Tonight I start the process of lifting the color and switching to purple/silver for my Sombra cosplay. I'll make a post on that as well.

Until next time, hope you're having a good weekend!

-Sam <3