Cosplay| Retro Bombshell Batwoman

IMG_0985IMG_0957IMG_0951IMG_0918 From the moment I saw the designs for DC Bombshells, I fell in love. I love retro/pin-up designs and just about died when I heard about all the Bombshell merch and figures and comics that were coming out.

Kate kane Batwoman is one of my favorites. I'm not that into DC superheroes, but she's one of the few I love. Batwoman Elegy is one of my favorite comics and J. H. Williams III's art is breathtaking.

So obviously I wanted everything Bombshell Batwoman.


Hot Topic came out with a Bombshell Batwoman dress a while back ago and I almost cried because I couldn't afford it. Then it got discontinued. I wanted to dress up as her so bad but had no clue how to make her costume from scratch. So I gave up.

A month or so back, I was shopping online and came across this black and red Cocktail Dress. My very first thought was "that's a Batwoman dress." I could see it perfectly and knew instantly I had to get it.

It wasn't going to be classic Bombshell, but I could do something with it.


After a little searching, I found a decent red wig and paired up the Anna Dana ballerina flats I had bought a little before. After trying it all on, I realized I had to order a petticoat and got this red one that luckily wasn't too itchy. I played around with some facepaint to do her recognizable Bombshell "mask" and used a leather bat bow in my hair I had gotten from Seattle.

I was all set. It turned out pretty good for essentially a closet cosplay but I felt like her a bit. It was elegant and fitting but strong and not restrictive. It wasn't as big of a hit as Sombra, but I felt good and I think that's what matters.

Next time maybe I'll make some batarangs as accessories and find a cool bat, but it wasn't bad for a quick cosplay and made for a comfortable Sunday outfit after being Sombra all day Saturday.

All in all, I loved it and hope to dress up as her again.

(Side note: I'm awful at cosplay photos so excuse my weird faces in some of these)


-Sam <3