#OOTD| Double Trouble


#1. Daytime Ghoul

As you may already know, I'm obsessed with Halloween and horror and all matter of spooky stuff. Our entire dining room is basically a dragon's hoard of Halloween items (I swear I'll do a house tour one day). It's the biggest thing me and Rony have in common.

So when I see cute Halloween themed clothes, I jump on it. And man did I hit the jackpot.

Cowcow is "an online platform for designers and creative artists to showcase and sell their artwork on t-shirts, gifts, umbrellas..." etcetera etcetera. It's like Society6 and all those other sites that let artists upload designs and they get a percentage of the profits. I actually found it through Amazon because that's how I buy everything.

Link here. I promise this isn't sponsored. I wish. But hey go check out cool stuff.

All of the designs on this dress are Halloween themed. All of them. Yeah, I went crazy. I wanted to get all of them. And they weren't that expensive so that made me go crazy more.


I picked my favorite and I let Rony choose one too because I couldn't decide. The cat design is adorable. Moons and cats and bats are all things I love and the color was super cute.

I got a Medium in both but I probably should have gotten a Large to avoid the dressed boob stretch problem. It is a very stretchy fabric like a lot of skater dresses but the designs are nicely printed and don't fade with the stretch too much. I avoid skater dresses a lot because of that reason.


The cat and bat dress I decided I would make casual and fun. It's playful and matched my favorite vest and hair nicely. I wanted to show that you can dress these up in a cute fun way or in a more subdued, "fancy way. So I threw on my favorite boots (similar) and found some spooky jewelry like my bird skull earrings (similar) and Amethyst crystal necklace (Exact).


This vest is the first vest I ever made. It's very Sailor Moon/girl power inspired and I wore it to the first Ladies Night we ever held. I've lost a lot of buttons here and there but it's my favorite. I made it out of a size too large Forever 21 jacket and attempted to dye it black only for it to come out purple. I wasn't mad about it and splattered pink and blue paint on it.

I did each stud my hand and painted with fabric paint the patches on the back. It took forever but I love it.

Overall the outfit was comfy and perfect for adventuring. I'm just in love with the pattern and paired with the vest, I feel cool and like I can take on anything. It's not heavy and flows really nice and for $12, it's a steal.


#2. Witch of the Woods


The second dress is the one Rony picked out.

Fun fact: to shoot these pictures we went looking for houses that were for rent. We figured they wouldn't mind. And we found a lot of cool houses.

I definitely went for a witchy vibe with this one. The first one was bubblegum and this one was all Grimm Fairytales. I couldn't find my newer black cardigan (similar) and this one ended up getting a small hole in the arm, but it all went together nicely. I paired it with my nice Anna Sally Wedge Ankle Booties (Exact) and let my crazy curly hair down.


Also it was crazy hot for 8:30 at night and the wind was blowing like crazy but everything came out nicely.

For those following along with my hair journey, it's been a week of no straightening and I've bought so many new products and done so many new techniques it's crazy. Today I get to start giving up shampoo because apparently that helps. But the curls are getting better as long as I don't forget to put my hair up at night.

Because then I look like Medusa again.


And for those keeping up with me having shaved my eyebrows for Sombra, they're growing back in. No one panic. The purple hair has faded SO much though and I'm a little sad, but I think I may just transition it to lavender for a bit and then back to blue. At least I don't have to worry about color remover.

The pattern for this dress is still playful but I think dressing it up makes it more adult? Chic? I'm not sure the word. But I definitely look intimidating again, especially with my black Colourpop lipstick. Rony had to keep reminding me to smile because I suffer from permanent resting bitch face.


I love finding little things that make me happy like these dresses. I think they match my personality well and I am ALWAYS down for more Halloween themed clothes. For me, they're good year round but if you're looking for some dresses further down the line in Fall I think you should check these out.

And if you aren't down with the Halloween theme, they have plenty of other designs too!



Next post will be about Summerween, I promise.

What holiday is your favorite and are there any holiday themed clothes you wish you could wear year round?

-Sam <3