Blog| Father's Day Weekend Recap

IMG_2182IMG_2194IMG_2189 This past weekend was Father's Day and it was busy, but in a non-work way. Rony got up early Saturday and went to a designer coffee thing before I even woke up and got out of bed and then we cleaned the house and had a meet and greet with a big puppy we'll be watching in July. The dog was HUGE. Like a lab mix with giant giraffe stilt legs. But it went well and it should be an easy dog job.

Saturday was hot. It was 110 degrees. We let the dogs out early in the morning and then again at 2pm for 10 minutes and they were dying. I thought we were all going to die. I was born in Texas and have lived here my whole life and something must have gone wrong because I was NOT built for heat. I get overheated easily and my hair is thick so I sweat and get heat sick. It's awful.

After the dog meeting we went and had lunch with a friend and went to Target to get some shopping done. It was so hot outside the coolers in the store couldn't keep the food cool enough and everything went bad. They were having to toss everything that wasn't in the closed freezer section. So we only got half our groceries which sucked.


On the bright side, I bought Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray and got a toy Wonder Woman sword. It was cool.

After that we went to my grandma's house for a BBQ and Rony played basketball with my dad, uncle, and cousins. I played with Almond's mama, Peanut, for a bit and her grandpa, Otto the Dalmatian. She's almost his size and it's weird. My dog is going to be a small horse.

Saturday night I sneakily wrapped up Rony and my dad's Father's Day presents and made the animals put their paw prints on a card. The cats weren't happy but I managed to get a good paw print but oh dear god Leon and Almond threw the biggest fit. I could barely get anything on the card because they were not having it.


Rony and I do celebrate Mother's and Father's Day with each other and treat it more like a Fur Parents day. I know not everyone agrees with it, but we treat the animals like kids and we use the day to show appreciation for the work we do. We've started the trend where the presents tend to have something to do with the animals.

I got Rony a giant theater Alien: Covenant poster he wanted and this adorable kangaroo pouch cat sweater. Here's the thing about this sweater: you can put your cat in it. The kangaroo pouch is so you can hold your cat. It's amazing and even has little pockets in the front, paw prints on the sleeves, and cat ears. And holy crap, it worked so well. Pumpkaboo loved to be in it. Rony worked in the garden with her in it. As long as he didn't bend over, she stayed in.

Ryder was less than thrilled but stayed in it too. The tassels worked as a play toy and they were entertained enough with the outdoors that they didn't seem bothered. Rony loved it so much.



We took my dad to breakfast, a little local cafe with cheap but amazing breakfast food. My dad doesn't go anywhere that's not a chain and we wanted to show him this so he can get out of his comfort zone a bit. He loved it and it wasn't that much for all three of us to eat.

After that we went to Home Depot, got some extension cords, lights, chicken wire to secure the back fence, and tomato poles to keep them upright. We spent 4 hours in the garden, extending out the pumpkin plants, re-potting strawberries, and bracing the tomato plants. The front of the house looks ten times better now that we have plants everywhere and the pumpkins are growing like crazy.

The police officer that helped me during my robbery drive by and said hi to us and we chatted for a bit. He likes to drive by the house sometimes and make sure we're alright and check on us, which we greatly appreciate. He's a funny guy and sweet and remembers us because of how crazy that day was.


Friday I started a small new project that I'll do a new post about. I started reading Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman script on Facebook Live. I read about 20+ pages a day and once I'm done I'll make a blog post about it, my worries, and why I've been worried about him directing the new Batgirl film. People have asked and this was a fun way to do it.

You can see the Intro video here.

After that I passed out for 4 hours because I have not been feeling great lately. Plus I think the sun finally did me in. And that was our exciting weekend.

I think this week I may do a house tour so look out for that and I've talked to my sister about doing a 365 Photos Challenge. I'm not doing so good at posting to Instagram every day but I think if I do a blog post with all the weeks pictures that would be good. We're going to start July 1st which is the same day we're throwing a BBQ party.

Lots going on! How did you spend you Father's Day Weekend?


-Sam <3