365 Project| 1-7

I like to do challenges and goals and my sister Amanda is always on board to tag along and do them too. She's tried to do a 365 Day Photo Challenge before and I thought it would be fun if we both tried it this time. I'm not a photographer, but I like taking pictures for fun and I'm learning. So it'd be neat to have like a photo diary of my whole year.

Rather than upload them every day, I thought it'd be easier to just post them once a week in a collection post. I'll post them every Monday for a week recap!

Here's my first week's collection of photos!


1: Glow in the dark ring toss at the July barbecue turned into just playing with glow sticks.


2: Marisa came over and hung out. She's been learning fluid art so we did some and this one was my favorite of her pieces. I love the colors and the little spore cells.


3: A freak storm blew out the power and we had to light the whole house with candles while lightning flashed outside. The house smelled nice at least.


4: We spent some of the 4th of July at Rony's office, both of us working on projects and taking pictures. We're both artsy and you can always tell by our office spaces.


5: Hair dye day. This is my favorite bowl to mix everything in. It was part of my Christmas present from my sister and mom. They got us a whole collection of Halloween themed dinnerware.


6: I have a smoke fixation and can watch it move for hours. I stole some smoke bombs from my brother's firework stash and burnt my finger on one. They came out nice but the smoke only lasts for like 5 seconds.


7: Rony was leaving for work and this little cutie came literally running over and meowing at us. There's a bunch of strays in the area and we've taken to naming them. This is Mae and she's by far the friendliest. I gave her some food and she let me pet her for a while.

Hope everyone likes these!

-Sam <3