365 Project| 8-14



8: We spent a good part of the day in the car, driving all over town and hiding Pokemon art for the Pokemon Art Drop.


9: I finally had a day to breathe and relax and spent it practicing fluid art. This came out the best and I'm in love with the marbling and swirls. I'm gonna have fun incorporating it into my portraits.


10: Sometimes I get anxious and feel like I'm stuck and have make some sort of change to relieve that feeling. It usually results in me trimming and cutting my own hair. I haven't gotten it done by a professional in a couple of years because of this.


11: Summer time means we're getting a lot more spiders in the house. We're saving at least one a day from the cats and dogs and from being squished in doors. This one was very fast and hopped around the cup until we released it.


12: Going to bed is always a puzzle game. You don't want to disturb the dogs but also they're totally hogging my side of the bed.


13: It was mine and Rony's anniversary. We got a massage at a spa in the morning, ate donuts, got Thai food, went to the Nursery and got some more plants, opened presents, then got Cajun food. We gave each other letters first. I got him a Giger Alien book and Mondo print and he got me an Espeon/Umbreon shirt and printed off all the photos of us and got us a photo album so we could put them in order. I think he won.


14: Rony had really been wanting this Mondo print of the classic Skeleton Dance animation. He missed out on it but I got lucky and found one for sale that wasn't too crazy expensive. We hung it in the Halloween room and it's pretty amazing.


How was your week?