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IMG_9994IMG_9942IMG_9931IMG_9995 Our house is a bit eccentric. I will take most of the blame for that but it's Rony's fault too. We love a lot of weird things and my witchy aesthetic combined with his love for horror and Halloween and so we ended up with what we have lovingly started calling the Pumpkin House.

I thought I'd give a bit of a house tour so be warned that this post is picture heavy. Also I briefly debated cleaning all of it top to bottom, but decided not to. I wanted to show it looking lived in. It never stays clean between projects, cats, and dogs running in and out so I figured there was no point. Behold it in it's messy glory!

The first room is the living room. It connected to the dining room and to the backyard and also has a small utility room for our washer and dryer. We keep the art in here black and white mostly and of course, I have a penchant for animal skulls, plants, crystals, and dead flowers.


We sweep every day and still end up with a giant pile of fur on the floor and no matter how many times I straighten the couch, the dogs or Rony toss the pillows everywhere for naps or play time. We may be getting rid of Leon's playpen soon since he's outgrowing it, but he loves to curl up and nap in there sometimes so it's hard to part with.

Next is the dining room or as we call it, the Halloween room. A large majority of our Halloween collection is kept here and is starting to overflow. It's connected to the kitchen, front entryway (that leads to my office), and the hallway (that leads to Rony's office and the rest of the house).


We pick up Halloween stuff from everywhere. We started the tradition of going to the store after midnight on Halloween and buying everything when it goes on sale. A lot of it came from Seattle when we went last October, some as gifts and conventions, and then the art from everywhere. We have a few original paintings from local artists and Mondo prints that we love.

It's probably our favorite room. We like to work at the table and hang out together.

Next is our Dia de los Muertos themed kitchen.


We haven't done too much with the kitchen. It's a bit cramped and the set up isn't our favorite. We had to get a kitchen cart to add more room and so we can keep the plants away from the cats. Rony's mom gave us the decorative skulls and we kept a bunch of decorations from when we celebrated Day of the Dead.

From the dining room you can get to the front entryway. Ever since we added the screen door there is much more light in there, but we still had to add string lights to keep it from being pitch black.


The cats love to look out the door and will meow to go outside all the time now.

We got the tall bookshelves from our friend who owned a bookstore but moved away. They're enormous so we bolted them to the wall but they work very well for collections. I keep a lot of my books in the entry way along with all our geeky figurines and collectible cups. Rony is being a "armory" on the wall.

The downside is that we clean out things a lot and the "take to storage" spot ends up piling up next to the front door. It never gets cleared away. We also keep our shoes next to the front and our coat rack so it just looks messy all the time.

Next is my office that needs to be cleaned.


The cats have pretty much taken over my room. We made it to where the dogs don't come into mine or Rony's offices so those are the cat sanctuaries, but mine more so because of all the windows and places for them to sleep. Demo likes to sleep on top of the closet space and both my office chair and gaming chair have been commandeered by cats.

I have two desks, one for computer work and one for illustrating, and then a bookshelf for all my Etsy store inventory and mailing supplies and a bookshelf for all my paints and art supplies. There's actually a stack of canvases next to it too.

I'm trying to get frames for all our Ladies Night posters to hang up but Rony bought me this Becky Cloonan Ladies Night poster from Austin Books & Comics. I've loved it since I first saw it and it's one of my favorite things.

Next is Rony's "office."


Rony's room is very much a boys room. Clothes on the floor and snacks everywhere and it's mostly the room he goes and plays video games in.

He did manage to clean and organize it lately and got some of his art collection hanging up. He also bought a brand new, huge art piece, the girl with the record, from a local artist at the last First Friday Art Trail. His magic art pieces though were actually the first thing I ever painted for him and I made them right when we got together.

I don't go into his room much, mostly just to lay on the floor and watch him play games, but occasionally I'll go and borrow his light table he has set up.

From his room you go down the hallway to the bathroom (which is the only room I didn't take pictures of) and our bedroom.


Our bedroom is the least put together room. We go in their to sleep, nap, or lay in bed and mess with our phones. Every now and then I'll go work in my planner but it's very much a sleeping room. If the dogs are outside, I can just check on them from the window in our bedroom and go back to sleep. We haven't even gotten art on the walls even though we have a few framed and ready.

I think a large reason is because a majority of the room is taken up by the dogs' kennels. Almond's kennel is huge and Leon just got upgraded to a bigger one. I have to use his as a nightstand and Almond's as the laundry bin. And we just got a bigger bed with a frame so that's even more room taken up.

We mounted the TV to get us more space, but not much. I use my grandmother's old sewing table as a nightstand as well and I'm the only one using Rony's old dresser and the closet. He keeps his clothes in his office.

I do keep my Sandman collection in the room, mostly so the cats don't mess with it in my office. One day I'll fix up the room. It'll get there.


I love our house but it is very odd. The floorplan is weird, you could tell it's been added onto but not in the best way, and the layout is questionable. But we've made it into something that fits us and our animals and that works for us.

Moving in together was easy because our styles are so similar and it shows. I just hope to keep filling it with more plants and spooky original art and lots of love.


-Sam <3