365 Project| 36-47

Since I've been sick, I haven't been up to uploading all my daily photos so here's pretty much 2 weeks of photos in one post!


36: We did photos early in the day with my sister and then ended up completely wiped out.


37: I spent most of the day passed out and finally got hit with the full force of being sick.


38: I went to work and then got sent home with a fever.


39: I've been staring at the ceiling in our bedroom too much. I haven't been able to stay awake long enough to do anything.


40: Had to cancel my dentist appointment and reschedule. Finally went to work and then came home and passed out.


41: Slowly getting my energy back. Cleaned up the house a tiny bit and watched Rony sketch for a bit. My to do list is piling up but haven't been able to bring myself to do anything.


42: It's been raining all week and the pumpkins are growing like crazy. This poor little vine started encroaching into an anthill and we watched for like 20 minutes as they chewed through it and dragged the tiny piece around, trying to figure out where to put it.


43: The Perseid Meteors were happening so we had an astrology party. Unfortunately the clouds moved in and we couldn't see anything, so we came back to the house and did Tarot readings and hung out.


44: I was feeling okay enough that we got to take Leon to Puppy Day at the pool and taught him to swim. He was timid but liked all the other puppies and it was a good experience. All of us passed out for the rest of the day.


45: I left work early and got my tooth pulled. Marisa took me and dropped me off and I was out of it for the rest of the day. My face was swollen because they had a hard time getting to tooth out so my jaw and gums was bruised. Still kind of sick.


46: Mae Mae, our friendly stray cat, has been hanging out a lot more. She's pregnant and we've been talking about fostering her and her kittens. We put all the animals away and I let her walk around and hang out during the storm. She needs to go to the vet first before meeting any of the animals so after the rain, she went back outside (which she was fine with. She'd been meowing to go back outside).


47: Rony's mom gave us this tiny vine and it's been growing like crazy, almost 2 inches a day. I got sent home sick because my eye swelled shut. All the medications I was taking dried them out and I ended up scratching one with the guck happening. At least my plants are doing well.

-Sam <3