Blog| March Goals

I already know. This month wasn't great for goals. I underestimate how much time was going to go into con prepping with both me and Rony having tables and so pretty much for a week straight we did nothing but work. Our weekends were busy and weekdays were exhausting and now all I can do is shrug and say better luck next month. But as I'm planning things out, something new has happened.

I have no events and only one deadline this month.

What even has happened?

But first, let's recap




  • Garage Sale I was tempted to cross this out but I didn't. We pushed the garage sale until after Lubbock-Con and it's tomorrow, but it won't count since it's March now
  • Make a capsule wardrobe- Nope but I have tossed about 75% of my clothes and cut down to mostly the pieces I love or for work/occassions
  • Cook or throw out all the food that's been sitting in the pantry- Still working on cooking stuff but I have tossed out most of it. Still more to throw away!
  • Do some form of exercise once a week-  We got hired to walk some dogs 2-3 times a week so now we're walking. It counts!
  • Only drink water doing the weekday- I tried but exhaustion and stress got to me and I needed coffee
  • Get up at 7am for work- lol nope. Still trying though.


  • Get the art done for Ladies Night- I started it but have not finished
  • Write 2 blogs a week Still going good on this!
  • Do 3 art pieces- Guess what? I did 6 new pieces, mostly all in a week! 
  • Update resume/portfolio- Nope.

In short, I did not do great. We were busy, it was hectic, I barely got any sleep, and pretty much all I did was paint and draw and make merch all month. Things that were con-related got put to the side and it's all I lived and breathed for a while.

But even though I didn't make my goals, I hit my big one of getting through a successful convention! So I'm not too disappointed. We made money, I met a ton of nice people and got some new supporters, and it was my last big event of the year. Emphasis on big.

So now what's in store?

I have to finish the art for Ladies Night and that's it. Seriously. I have nothing else planned this month! It's glorious after the past couple of YEARS of having galleries and events and deadlines almost non-stop. So now I get to really focus on my goals.



  • Sell/toss anything broken or that I'm not using
  • Get back to meal prepping/eating healthy
  • Go to bed by 11:30
  • Clean the front and backyard/Fix the fence
  • Drink more water
  • Make a timeline for Seattle


  • Freehand sketch practice 2 times a week
  • Work on 1 painting, 1 watercolor
  • Finish commissions
  • Write 2 chapters
  • Update Resume/Portfolio/Website


  • Work on Her v. Him Zine
  • Work on Apothecary Zine
  • Read a book
  • Get back into taking pictures

This month the keyword is Reboot.

I have time. I have no excuses. I even have an extra two days off of work for Spring Break and due to some change in plans, I'm staying home. We have two different dog boarding bookings so the dogs will get plenty of play time and exercise.

Again. I'll have time. I'll make time. I need a fresh start and a clean slate. So let's toss or sell the clutter away, get back to being healthy and lose a bit of this weight that's happened, be more punctual, drink more water, get organized.

I need to also get into the rhythm of doing art when I don't have pressing deadlines and set a steady routine. I go through periods of doing a ton of art at one time and then none, back and forth. It'll be good for me to do it constantly.

And I'll finally have time to write! I've had two new story ideas bouncing around my head, one with a first chapter written and the other in plotting, but I want to get back into that as well.


I can't remember how things were before events and galleries and constant go go go. I think back and wonder how I had so much time but did so little. Even with thinks like Geek Trivia nights, Youtube vlogs, and writing, there was time I could have gotten things achieved.

I'm not making that mistake again. First, I'll get myself back into shape and then I'll keep the train rolling. I may not be running as much stuff any more, but I can still work on projects and ideas and plans for the future.

Keep moving forward.

What are your goals for March and how are you spending Spring Break? Let me know!

-Sam <3