Blog| May Goals

April Goals


Sometimes do you just sit there and go over your month and say, "Wow, what the hell happened?"

Yeah, that was April for me.


  • Clear out my office- nope.

  • Get the kittens adopted- Still nope.

  • Start making room in the house for BFF move in- Started but not enough to cross it out

  • Clean up the yards- Also kinda, but not enough to count

  • Start walking the pups- We managed one week before we had to pause because Almond's arm pit got rubbed raw from pulling


  • Update Resume/Business Cards- NOPE

  • At least 2 comics/2 blogs a week- Noooooooope

  • Write 2 chapters- lol no

  • Launch Enamel Pin Kickstarter!- Finally got something done! You can find it here!

  • Prepare for Mermay- Kinda, but it's gonna count cause Mermay is today and I at least made a prompt list


  • Complete 4% diet bet goal!- Made it! Made a whole $11 haha

  • Read a book- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Stick with weekly coffee art days- yeah no


Yeah, that's a whole 3/13. 

In my defense, I was wiped out sick for 5 days, had Ladies Night, meet and greets for animals, and an all day arts festival. Plus commissions. April was waaaaaaay busier than I thought and I am not at all happy with my progress.

I'm tired, overwhelmed, and have way too much to do. The house needs to be cleaned, Mermay is happening, I have to get two charity pieces done ASAP, and all I want to do is relax and read. 

To top it off, our air conditioner is out AGAIN and I'm going to die of heat.

But hey, at least I lost 10 lbs -_-

Let's move on to May already


  • Clear out my office!!!

  • Re-pot some of the plants and clean the yard

  • Throw some clutter away

  • Cats adopted out

  • Work out 3 times a week


  • Order new business cards

  • Get the Enamel Pins/Foil Print submitted for purchase

  • Complete at least 70% of Mermay


  • Reprint/Restock merch


May is going to be for refreshing. Get the house back in order, get the shop back in order. Knock out the art I have to do, keep up with Mermay, but besides that I need to focus on breathing and getting everything in order. Decompress and refocus.

The Kickstarter is doing good and was a big thing that took up most of my time and I want to prep for having to get those orders all shipped out. I don't want to overdue art just because I'll be doing enough with Mermay. The only things I need to do is a couple of charity things and cleaning. Lots of cleaning. 

I dropped the ball in April. I tried to do too much and then ended up not being able to do anything. So let's try again and do better :)

-Sam <3