feature friday

Feature Friday (the 13th)!

Hello all welcome to my first Feature Friday, where I showcase five artists/shops/people/whatever for being awesome! And it's Friday the 13th, one of my favorite days, because I'm a big ol goth baby. Anyways, here's some pretty awesome people you should check out!

1. Shawna Jeree- Hello Quirky

I’ve had the lovely pleasure of meeting Shawna at our very first Ladies Night here in Lubbock and at our Geek Girl Brunch get-togethers! She donated her Doctor Who stickers for our very first brunch. She’s a local and has been super awesome and supportive of my shop! (Also, I’m jealous of how cute she is) Her art is adorable and she watercolors everything which is amazing because when I tried to watercolor my designs they look like a mess once they’re done. She sales original art and stickers and brooches (you may have seen her Harry Potter art before) and is just a wonderful lady overall.

Go check out her things on her website! Tell her I said hi!

Instagram @helloquirky Twitter @hello_quirky

2. Mrs. Fortune’s Millinery

Alex is another local lady I’ve had the pleasure of knowing! Have you seen her hats? Holy crap, they’re amazing. I got to know Alex through Ladies Night as well, then through both of us becoming officers for Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock! And now she has her own shop! Her specialty is in geeky fascinators for your everyday needs or for cosplaying! She has a wide range from Poison Ivy to the Poison Apple from Snow White to Rainbow Dash! She hand makes everything and they are gorgeous! The Batman one comes with 3 different symbols so you can change them out. And they are super affordable and very geek chic (yeah I said it). So please go check out her shop and give her some support!

You can visit her Etsy page and she also takes custom orders!

Instagram @mrsfortunesmillinery Facebook @mrsfortunesmillinery

3. Cat Coven

I found this shop just the other day in my search for cute, witchy things I need in my life and came across them on Instagram. Yep, found another shop to pour my money into. It has pretty much everything I love. Cats, Bats, passive aggressive messages. Check. They have shirts, patches and pins, dresses, and some art prints! On their Instagram, I’m pretty sure she’s working on pillows too. The art is an amazing mix of tattoo style/black and white sketches and the designs are to die for and again, everything is reasonably priced. I need all the patches and I know Rony would love the little cat butt designs. So grab something for the witchy cat lady in your life or if you just really like cat butts and bats.

For your one stop shop, go visit their website

They also have an Etsy! Instagrma @Cat_Coven

4. Too Crewel

I wouldn’t say I’m on an embroidery kick, but more like Holy-Crap-How-Do-They-Do-That kick. I’m also deep into passive aggressive feminist décor and witchy stuff (as if you couldn’t tell) so this shop is no surprise. This shop has all of these! I found her on Instagram (because that's where you find a lot of shops these days) and fell in love with all the designs she had done. She has crystal balls and skeleton hands and space themed art. I’m very sad I missed out on this awesome moon phase embroidery she had posted on her IG. She also does custom work so you can have something done for the holidays!

I’m seriously very close to just starting a Witch Girl Gang and inviting everyone. Wait, I’m pretty sure that’s just a coven. Hm.

Anyways, follow her IG for updates and coupons and check out her shop! Instagram @toocrewel Wordpress @toocrewel

5. Tuesday Bassen

One of the bigger names out of all these, Tuesday is an LA based illustrator whose art I want to wrap myself in. I came across her Ugly Girl Gang beanies and I’ve been drooling ever since (they come in patches and hats too). Her art style is kinda rough pop arty (I’m good at this, can you tell?) and she sells everything from Zines to art to clothing to patches and pins. It’s all adorable while still being deliciously passive aggressive and top notch quality. I would definitely pick up Ugly Girl Gang #1 just for the awesome art!

Go to her website for all your Ugly Girl Gang needs!

Instagram @tuesdaybassen Twitter @tuesdaybassen

And that's it for my first Feature Friday! Go and check out all these lovely ladies shops! When you buy from independent artists, you're helping to, y'know, feed people and stuff. Directly. Without people higher up taking a cut. So do that this holiday season and #shopsmall!

-Sam <3