4 Days! Ahhhhh!

I don't know how I did it in high school. Staying up until late in the morning then getting up early. I do it now and I feel like an extra on the Walking Dead. Since the end of July as I get more and more stuff prepped for Hub City, I've slowly been moving my bed time back. Midnight, 1230, 1am, 2am, ?????what is sleep??? Even more surprisingly, I haven't even been drinking coffee. Or soda. Just water. What is happening to me?

Anyways, here's a map of where I will be at Hub City Comic Con

But I just have 4 more days of prep work and it'll be here! And in one week, the Etsy shop will be live again! With all new stuffs! All the charm necklaces will be listed with some new additions like:

(They'll also be available in stickers)

And also new stickers with my face on them:

and then this little guy:

because why the heck not. Donuts and cats are cute.

Stickers sheets, individual stickers, Charm Necklaces, Keychains, buttons, sketchbooks, #Workcomics, all the stuffs! And still more to come because I'm an over achiever and can't stop working. I will update you all with more info later, along with a recap of how our launch brunch went this Saturday at Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock and with #Workcomics info when we get the book back from the printer.


-Sam <3