Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock Launch and Arts!

It's been a crazy few weeks and still got about a couple of weeks to go until Hub City Comic Con! #Workcomics is at the printers and so we're anxiously just waiting for it to be done. Lots of art has been finished, sketch to final, but lots more is still being done. Like stickers!!

Sticker sheets and individual stickers will be available at Hub City and then on Etsy afterwards. I have at least 5 sticker sheets planned, but we'll see how many I'll get done considering my digital cutter is being finicky with me. I also have a few more necklaces planned too and I'll update with pictures later!

I had planned on making multiple sizes of prints, but it looks like the budget is only going to allow me bringing 4x6. Once the prints go on Etsy, you'll be able to choose between 4x6 or 8.5x11.

Lots lots lots to do. I haven't slept. Sleeping is for the weak! (I'm so very tired)

But this Saturday is Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock's launch brunch! We're very excited to launch officially and see all the lovely ladies that came to our Prelaunch. It was a blast last time so it's sure to be fun this time around. We've even started planning the next one already (and I may have started planning Ladies Night too, but shhhhhh).

So there's an update. Lots of plans. Lots to get done. If you're in the Lubbock area, come out to Hub City Comic Con and say hi! My side event info has been updated with our booth number!

-Sam <3