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Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV We weren't allowed to dye our hair in school. It was something I was devastated about and tried to skirt around, going as far as dying my hair for my birthday only to be told the next day I couldn't have it.

The year after we graduated, they allowed dyed hair. I shook my fist at the universe.

The first thing I did after graduating was dye my hair blue. I was a custodian and there weren't any rules against it. I loved it and felt bright and colorful even if I did dress in all black.

When I had to get a full time job the following year, I had to dye it back. I've gotten away with doing the underside of my hair red a few times, but never anything bright and vibrant.

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A couple of years ago, I shaved off half my hair and got a side shave. It felt amazing and somehow, didn't go against my office job's dress code (which I definitely thought was strange since I wasn't even allowed my tattoos to be visible). I've struggled with my hair identity and getting the shave felt rebellious.

I switched jobs again. A slightly fancier job this time. I didn't ask about the hair policy because frankly, I had given up at this point, but finally I got the courage to ask around Christmas time.

There was no policy. My boss liked colored hair. Go for it, she said.

The possibilities opened up to me and I've never felt so excited as I was picking out colors to transform my hair. I went blue and green this time. I felt like a magical mermaid. My confidence got better and I liked my hair again.

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This year I wanted to actually cosplay for Lubbock-Con. I wanted to go as my new favorite character, one that actually looked like me and was the same race as me and was so bad ass.

I would do Sombra from Overwatch. Hell, I already had the side shave and my hair was the same. If I dyed it purple, I wouldn't need a wig.


I am not a cosplayer. I don't know how to make accurate costumes or anything. But I was gonna try and wing it. I've done punk versions of other characters before and I could definitely a punk version of her.

Yesterday I got what I needed from Sally's Beauty, used a color remover to lighten the blue, failed, and decided to just put the purple over the blue since the color was faded already.

It turned out pretty good. There are some hints of blue and the top layer is kinda maroon, but the effect makes it look dynamic. It works for the cosplay.

I'll probably keep the color for a month or so and then add blue back into it. Who knows. Maybe I'll get attached to the color. I'm liking it so far though!

What color would you like to see eventually? What cosplays have you done before? Let me know!

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-Sam <3