#OOTD| Wild Witch & Weekend Recap

IMG_0385IMG_0391IMG_0355 This weekend was a busy one.

Friday we went and grabbed everything for our garage sale this weekend. We went to the storage unit, grabbed what we wanted to sell, dropped it off, went to my dad's, grabbed all his stuff and he drove with us to my grandma's to grab the stuff she wanted to sell, and then we dumped it all at my house.

Our house had a mountain of old clothes, pogo sticks and stilts, toy nerf guns, and DVD's. It was a lot.

I then went outside to try and drag Almond in because she wouldn't stop barking and found her carrying a lump around like it was a baby. Uh oh. After getting her to stop playing keep away with it, we discovered she was carrying a baby possum. She went to time out and we tried to figure out if it was dead or not because of how much mud was on it.

It wasn't. No injuries, just filthy and covered in fleas. We couldn't find the mom and didn't want the neighborhood dogs and cats to get it so we cleaned off some of the mud, gave it some weenies, and took it to the local Wildlife Rescue.


We named him Louie.

After getting home at 12:30 in the morning, we finally settled down to go to bed so we could get up at 5am....only to discover Almond had somehow infected her brother with fleas. He wasn't even the one carrying the possum.

At 1am, both dogs got flea baths which was an ordeal. Almond HATES baths and Leon cried the whole time. To top it all off, they both had to sleep in their kennels until the fleas died. They were not happy but it's all Almond's fault so Leon can blame her.


We're also checking in on some dogs this weekend. We got up at 530, threw clothes on, Rony went to check on the dogs and I started pricing and organizing everything to speed up the process. My dad brought us breakfast and at 830 in the morning we set up tables and tossed everything out there.

At one point, everyone from Star Comics was over. Then our friends came over and we played with the scooters and pogo sticks in the front yard. We sold a lot of toy guns and DVD's and I was happy to see so many old clothes go.

Saturday went pretty good but it was hot and I darken fast. It wasn't long because I got a deep tan line. By Sunday, I was dark and sunburned.

We ended the garage sale Saturday at like 2pm, threw everything inside, and then I had to shower and get dressed because I was running the Badass Babes Dinner that night (I'll talk about that more next post!)

The look in this post is what I wore to the dinner. Fun fact: my hair is naturally this curly. Figuring out my hair is a constant battle. I don't know what to do with it. It stays nice for a day and then the next morning is a matted mess. I straighten and curl it, but that's damaging. I'm just too lazy to deal with it and therefore, never have it natural.

But I'm trying to learn to love it and figure out how to make it look nice. It's just so BIG.

Anyways, I ran from home, got to my friend Alex's house, and we all were there for 3 hours. Ran and checked on the dogs, got home, and passed out.

Started it all over again Sunday.


Rony surprised me with all the animals in the room Sunday and I got a Mother's Day present from him and the fur babies. We checked on the dogs, got a nice breakfast, and relaxed and did the garage sale again.


We didn't do as well Sunday, but we kinda figured it would be that way. The cats hung outside with us for a bit and explored our garden. I got darker and ate like 10 Popsicles. We tossed whatever was left in the car to throw in the storage unit until the next garage sale then went to my dad's to hang out with him and my step-mom.

I think by the time we got home, It was 730 pm and I then proceeded to pass out on the couch with the dogs. Woke up at 11:30 and moved to the bed and passed out again.

Garage sales are hard.

It was a productive weekend though and I'm happy we're getting rid of things and saving up for Seattle.


(Also special shout out to my boyfriend Rony for helping take my pictures and giving me a good Fur Baby Mother's Day <3 )

The look:

Dress: V-Neck Dress with Asymmetrical Hem (Similar) Necklace: Eyeball Necklace Bronze Choker (Similar) Shoes: Easy Street Women's Giddy Ballet Flat (Similar) 

How did everyone spend their weekend and Mother's Day?


-Sam <3