Blog| 16 Things I Will Never..

Stay Gold Autumn did this awesome post where she listed 16 things she would never do and I thought it was such a neat idea. Be sure to check out her 16 things on her blog! IMG_2277


  1. like olives I worked at World Market for about 3 years as the Gourmet Department Head. I was in charge of picking the samples on the weekend and for the wine tastings. No matter how many times I tried I could NOT learn to like olives which made having to cut them up for samples all the worst.
  2. love the color yellow. I hate yellow. I never want to wear yellow. It's bright and cheery and reminds me of McDonald's.
  3. go hunting. I love animals too much to be able to go and shoot and kill one myself.
  4. not duck and run into the house when a June bug is nearby. Fun fact: when I was little a June bug flew into my ear. We were in a kiddie pool at my Grandma's house with my sister and cousin and one flew in. I cried and screamed and I'm pretty sure my sister laughed and now I'm forever traumatized. Moths too. My uncle got one stuck in his ear.
  5. enable a friend's bad/toxic behavior. I love my friends and family, but I'm someone that has to speak up when someone I love is doing something that is hurtful. I've gotten into plenty of arguments with my family and I am not someone that will enable my friends. If you are making an awful choice or choice that hurts you or someone else, I am not the friend to go to for validation.
  6. give up a pet just because it makes moving hard. My animals are pretty much a top priority for me and there are always options. I won't ever abandon them or give them up if there's a way to take them with me and make sure they are happy, healthy, and it's good for all of us and there is almost always a way.
  7. give up art. I think I would die or strangle someone if I stopped doing what I'm doing.IMG_2264
  8. intentionally shame or judge another person's lifestyle if it does not harm to them or other people. We are all different and like different things. I may not understand someone's lifestyle choices but if they're happy and it's not hurting anyone then you do you.
  9. give up milk and cheese. I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't.
  10. not let my animals on the furniture. Okay, but dog cuddles. How can you say no to dog cuddles?!
  11. do art of something I myself am not interested in just for money. I don't do a lot of non-comic books fan art and commissions because when I do art of things I'm not super into it takes foooooorever for me to find the motivation to work on it.
  12. be content with working a regular job. I multitask to the extreme. I'm always working on something outside of my full time job and when I have down time at work I'm working on side hustle things. I don't think I would be content with only my office job and that's it. I have too many ideas.
  13. like summer in Texas. It was 110 degrees the other day. 110! What is this? I am not made for the heat.
  14. be okay with people calling Cinco de Mayo "Cinco-de-drinko" Like yo, maybe don't trivialize a cultural holiday into an excuse to wear a poncho, sombrero, and drink margaritas? Same for St. Patrick's Day. Not cool.
  15. be skinny, willowy, or pale. And that's okay.
  16. not want to share my life. I love the idea of writing my life down and sharing it with the world. It's a way to vent for me and I hope that something in my opinions is valuable to someone else. Yeah, sometimes people see it as oversharing but I'm someone that prefers reading my thoughts from years before rather than hanging on to items.


What are 16 things you will never do? And be sure to check out Stay Gold Autumn's list!

-Sam <3