Blog| The Bright Side to a Bad Weekend

IMG_2377 This weekend was rough. I had plans set out and if you know me, you know I hate to have my plans disrupted.

We took Leon to the vet Friday to finally get fixed. I dropped him off and he was not happy but he's just about 8 months and no time like the present. He stayed at the vet all day and we got off a bit early to pick him up. He whined a lot and will get his stitches removed in 10 days which means no getting wet or playing rough with the dogs.

Afterwards we took him for a puppyccino at Starbucks, got two new puppy beds at Ross, and a cone, toys, and treats at Petsmart since he was a good boy.

When we got home, we realized the AC was not working. The pipes had frozen trying to fight the heat so we had to turn it off to let it defrost. Marisa and I went to Target to pick out a #NotMyStyle outfit but had to come back home when Rony called, saying Leon had gotten into his pain medication and ate them all.

Yeah. Nightmare. We tried to make him throw it all up after calling the emergency vet but he was stubborn and refused to. Finally we took him in, but they decided for his weight and how much he ate plus the hydrogen peroxide we had to give him that he should be okay but we just needed to monitor him. Plus he was probably going to be swollen.

Turns out the medication taste really good and dogs go nuts for them. No pun intended.

I hate the heat. I hate sleeping when it's hot. I'm miserable and get heat sick easily so I slept with the fan directly on me and the dogs.


We woke up early to eat a free fundraiser breakfast with my dad then went to Home Depot and Target to get things to fix up the backyard since we're having a Fourth of July party on the first. I made a small table out of cinder blocks and 2x4's and we got sand, cement tiles, and a new downspout for the gutters. At Target we got some pet food, pots, and string lights then hit up Rony's coworkers plant sale.

I don't know the name of all of them but we got a gorgeous plant called Devil's Backbone, an English Ivy, and one that looks like succulent vines. I'm always happy to have new plant babies.


I worked on the backyard for a bit and sweated and Marisa came and we all went to the Butterfly Release at the Arboretum. We were excited but then got disappointed real fast. There wasn't much to do and it turns out, they weren't going to be released until 7pm and the event is 5-7. There was only one food truck for snow cones and no one knew where the actual butterflies were being released.

We waited 30 minutes in line for snow cones because I was dying then had to leave to go see the butterflies before we got them. Turns out we were all in the wrong spot. So this massive herd then walks to a different area and then they start passing out butterflies and lady bugs in containers to only a few people. There was no big release and we only saw a few so it was all a massive disappointment.



We took some pictures then went and got snow cones and bubble tea elsewhere.

I then proceeded to die in our house that was hotter than outside. Our AC wasn't getting fixed until Monday because our landlord is awful. We couldn't go stay anywhere because we had to monitor Leon and I started to get nauseous from the heat.


So I camped in the backyard with Almond while Rony stayed inside with Leon and the fans so he could work on a project.

This part was actually pretty nice. I have string lights all along the backyard and left the tent door open so Almond could patrol and then come back and sleep. It was so cool and the air felt nice. I didn't mind it one bit. At some point Rony came and slept with me for an hour and Almond snuggled and even got to chew sticks next to me. I banned her from doing that in the bedroom after stabbing my feet on ten thousand stick shards stuck in the carpet.

I still woke up ten thousand times and passed out on the couch for an hour the next morning. We had no plans but to deep clean the house so we blasted all the fans and opened whatever doors we could to let in cool air. I did laundry and all the dishes and Rony cleaned the bathroom and his office. He left for a bit to play Pokemon Go with a friend and I swept and put everything away and dusted the living room.






All the trash was thrown, bedding was washed, and dishes completely done. I felt massively productive even though it was heating up again. The dogs passed out for the most part and I locked the cats in my office with water and two fans.

The house is clean for the most part, but suddenly Rony was feeling the heat for once and wanted to try camping outside again. It was fine with me but the dogs were being two crazy so they got to sleep inside with the fans.

All went good until it decided to rain like crazy and flood at 2 am in the morning. And the top tarp wasn't fully closed so some of our blankets got soaked and we had to bail. I was wet from trying to close the tent to keep the inside from flooding (I was not gonna pack everything up in the pouring rain) but at that point I didn't care. I laid on the mattress in my wet clothes and happily went to sleep because it was nice and cool.

Rony packed up the tent this morning and everything inside was okay. Our air conditioner is supposed to get fixed today and it was a stressful weekend, but somehow we made the most of it. We cleaned and worked outside and slept in the yard with the puppies. The heat made the dogs sleep which Leon needed to recover. They're usually hyper 24/7. We got some nice pictures from the Butterfly release and new plants.


I was hot, frustrated, and didn't get as much done, but life happens and you have to roll with it. I'll make up for it in the week and maybe we'll make backyard camping a thing inside of something we have to do.

Leon is still on mandatory rest and I have painting to do. It wasn't the best weekend, but there is always worst and I'm happy we could make the most out of it.


-Sam <3