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IMG_2652IMG_2654IMG_2656IMG_2658 Happy 4th of July!

I had some time today so I figured I would do a weekend recap.

First, the BBQ went really well on Saturday! We had the hardest time getting the barbecue pit lit but once we did, cooking went really fast. We had a ton of fruit and chips and veggie and chicken burgers for everyone. We played music on the record player and had a water balloon war, swam, played ring toss and just enjoyed each other's company.

The dogs got to run around and one of our friends brought her giant dog Patronus over so it became like a puppy party!


Sunday we relaxed and cleaned the house, sleeping late and watching television. Marisa came over and we both painted. She has been working on learning fluid art and has been making some really cool paintings. My favorite is the pink one she did. We watched some of 2001: A Space Odyssey for a film club we are doing with some friends and I tried my hand at making a baby fluid art painting. I think it's definitely something I'd like to try more of later!


And Monday we got out a bit early so we took Leon to get his stitches out finally and he got to go into the pool! He loves water and jumping around in the sprinkler so we were excited to finally start teaching him to swim. He's a little timid since the water is 3 ft deep, but we put a plastic chair for him to stay on and swam him around in our arms.

Almond hates water so it's nice to have one of the dogs enjoy it. He loves storms and it's hard to get him inside when it's raining.

Overall he did okay. A little timid but he started getting brave and almost swam out on his own. We'll probably drain and clean the pool and fill it up where he can stand in it next time.


We've had a weekend of storms and last night the power got knocked out. We had to find all the candles in the house and light them up and spent the evening napping mostly. It was a nice forced break of relaxation.


Today we're running around for the holiday and I will post tomorrow!

How are you spending today?

-Sam <3