#NotMyStyle| Firework Maroon

IMG_2786IMG_2720IMG_2753IMG_2716 It's another NotMyStyle outfit!

Just a recap, I'll occasionally be having my friends test my style limits by choosing outfits for me I wouldn't normally choose for myself. This tends to mean color since I mostly wear black, jumpers, crop tops, etc.

This time my best friend Marisa chose this outfit.


I don't wear crop tops often. I have a few, but the ones I wear the most are my sweater ones because I can layer them. I have a heard time letting myself have cleavage and showing off my stomach so of course Marisa's first idea was, "I wanna put you in a crop top."

This is a step up from her other idea of putting me in matching denim.

Our first trip we went to Kohl's and Target and didn't find anything. She wanted a crop top and Maxi skirt and we could not find any Maxi skirts. Then Leon ate all his pain medication and I had to rush home to make my puppy throw up.


Second trip, we made it to the mall before it closed and Marisa made me to go the store Agaci. I've never been there. It doesn't have anything I tend to buy and I have a hard time finding stuff for me there.

So that's exactly where she wanted to take me.

We found the Maxi skirt (actual) relatively fast, a flowy maroon flower print skirt with double slits, but took a while to find a crop top. We ended up with two choices, a black short sleeved crop top (similar) and a maroon strappy tank crop (similar).

They all fit me relatively well though I'm so short that I had to hike up the maxi skirt to the top of my waist so no tummy was showing. She left the choice of the top to me and I got both.


I decided to go with the maroon because paired with the skirt, it looks mostly like a maxi dress. It was hot over the weekend and for 4th of July so it helped keep me cool and I like strappy tanks that criss-cross and the choker strap was neat.

The skirt was airy but still a bit long. I wish it was a tad shorter and then I could wear the top as an actual crop top. On the plus side, I could hide my swim suit under it really well.


Overall, I don't hate it. I managed to make it a bit more like my style by pairing it with a dark lip and my pink glasses and black slippers. I actually got a lot of compliments from strangers on the whole outfit and Rony said I looked nice. I wore the black crop top later in the night to pop fireworks after it had cooled down a bit and it went well with the skirt.

Bonus, the maroon matched my hair a bit.

We took these pictures around campus and tried to catch dragonflies and hung out at the fountain. It was very summery.

Would I wear it again? Probably. I don't think I have a lot to pair the maroon top with besides leggings but I can definitely pair the skirt and black top with something.

So good job, Marisa. And thank you for not finding anything goldenrod colored to put me in because I would have been miserable.


-Sam <3