365 Project| 15-21


15: Ryder has started meowing to go outside a lot lately so I'm working on training him to walk with a leash. There's been progress but we need to work on his listening skills.


16: I've been having an insect obsession and have started adding them to all my paintings.


17: Work night. Sometimes I just like working in the kitchen rather than my office.


18: I got anxious and frustrated and needed a release so I chopped off half my hair in the bathroom. I feel better.

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19: Dinner at Marisa's house with some friends. I snuggled her puppies and ate good food and watched people play board games.


20: Packing for our weekend trip to Ruidoso. Almond and Leon are not thrilled but they get to spend the weekend with Marisa and her pup Cooper while we're gone.


21: On the road. Texas is a pretty great place for sunsets but off to New Mexico we went to spend the weekend with Rony's family at a cabin.

-Sam <3