Blog| Family Cabin

IMG_0150IMG_0185IMG_0336 Friday we took off with Rony's sister and her boyfriend to visit his mom's family. We were all gonna stay in a cabin in Ruidoso and hang out and it was my first time meeting his extended family.

I am aware of how weird I look and how traditional Mexican families are so yeah, a little anxious. My family has had time to take in how weird I am so I made sure I was on my best behavior, or as good as a tiny tattooed girl with a side shave and blue hair can be. I brought my camera and took pictures the whole weekend, documenting the trip so they could have it later on since it's not often all of Rony's siblings get together with their family.

The cabin was nice and very southwestern which I'm a fan of and everyone was very warm and welcoming. I got fed a lot which I'm use to around family. Unfortunately, I also had back pain on the way there and was having some nausea and motion sickness so that wasn't great.


We played games and I got taught a card game called Cadillac and almost won the pot but lost out to Rony's cousin in the last round. It was probably revenge for beating him in King of Tokyo earlier. We broke a surprisingly hard pinata and laughed as all the boys toppled to the ground after being spun.

Rony loves to teach people board games and got to teach all the kids King of Tokyo which then turned them into addicts and he had to play about 6 more times with them.

We had not only a wild horse come up to the house but also a family of deer. We even got one to eat some seeds out of our hands. It was amazing to see them be so comfortable and just walk right up to the house.


It was a good weekend and a nice break from events and work and constantly being on the go. I like hanging out with his family and talking about what we're up to and seeing them all interact. It was very similar to my family so I was comfortable right away. We went to downtown Ruidoso a couple of times, but I'll save it for another post.

We're learning to appreciate these times with family a bit more with the possible move and I'm glad we all got to get together. It's not easy to find time but it was worth it.

Tomorrow I'll post about downtown Ruidoso and all the neat things we found!


-Sam <3