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IMG_0144IMG_0130IMG_0145 I love Southwestern decor and design. I think it's my culture coming through, but I love the detail and colors and how most things are handmade and hand woven. I told Rony that when we move I would love to take some with us because who knows when I'll come across authentic Southwestern items up north.

The cabin was lovely and full of knickknacks to explore and appreciate. We fell in love with the table and chairs which were turquoise and had Zia symbols carved into them. It was a homelike house surrounded by woods and mountains and it was wonderful to explore.

It rained a bit around lunch time on Saturday and so we sat outside under the overhead and just enjoyed the breeze.


On Saturday for a bit and on Sunday we visited downtown Ruidoso to explore and shop a bit. Ruidoso closes down pretty early so we didn't get to go too many places on Saturday but we did get most of the exploring done on Sunday to make up for it. I've actually only been to Ruidoso once before on a couple trip with Rony and some friends the first Winter we were together. Most of the shops were the same, but we got to explore a few new ones.


We checked out a tea shop and book store and searched through an old antique shop with Rony's mother and grandmother.

I love antique shops. I love the weird mix of items displayed together and the look of a bunch of lamps all cluttered on a table, license plates stacked on top each other, and a bunch of antlers in a bathtub. It's unique and interesting and I just love it.


We looked around and found a few neat things like a wooden plant holder, an old film projector, and a pair of skulls. Rony and I are always on the hunt for more skulls and he was super excited to show me. I loved the colors and shape of the horns and how one of the faces was broken off. I still have plans to find a skull and cover it in crystals and plants so I'm always looking for broken, cheap ones.

The skulls were $65 and $75 which seemed to be about the average price from all the ones we found. I loved the smaller one and Rony and I debated about it. I already passed my $50 budgeting goal for the month and felt bad since I just bought another Becky Cloonan Mondo poster (I know, I did awful this month).

We decided to ask if they would be willing to take $50. At least he said no, but then came back and said that'd be fine. He had thought we wanted the larger one with the broken face. Rony's mom got a few things and we got the skull boxed up in the car.


We checked out the shop a bit more and I convinced myself not to buy more things. I settled for taking pictures and then we walked down the street. Ruidoso is a weird mix of being old fashion, hip, and just selling selling whatever they think tourists would like. We saw chainsaw carved alien statues, decorated fidget spinners, dream catchers, and hand painted skulls.

The thing I've always loved about New Mexico is that art is everywhere and they will plant flowers wherever they can. I can very much appreciate that.


Now we are home and I'm back to trying to make Lubbock a bit more colorful.

We got a couple of rainbow dog neck tutus as souvenirs for the pups so we can bring them to the Pride festival next month and found some neat Nightmare Before Christmas figures for the Halloween room.

Rony's mom gave us some knick knacks from her trip to Europe and we're finding a home for our new skull. We had a lot of fun exploring Ruidoso and hanging out with Rony's family. The break from the grind was nice and slowing down is good every once in a while.

Ladies Night is Saturday, my sister is in town Friday, and I'm currently working through my Vegan challenge. Keep an eye on the blog for a lot of things happening :)


Until next time

-Sam <3