365 Project| 22-28

This week was a mix of busy family and friend outings and I don't think it's gonna slow down any time soon.


22: We spent the day in Ruidoso, hanging out in the cabin and relaxing. It was beautiful and was just a wonderful chance to breathe.


23: We went to the shops in downtown Ruidoso and antique shopped before heading back home. I loved all the knick knacks and interesting things for sale.


24: Rony's mom gave us a few new plant babies, including two tiny succulents.


25: I found a bug shop on Etsy a month ago and splurged and they finally came in. They're absolutely gorgeous and I love them already.


26: A friend of ours was in town and we went to the pinball bar to have drinks and play games.


27: I needed a downtime day and finally sat down and starting working on one of my coloring books. I got a few as gifts but haven't colored in them and I was excited to finally do so. I even sketched a bit as well.


28: My sister, niece, and nephew arrived in town so we went and hung out with them after work. Rony is Tabby's favorite person to hang out with so she was excited to play with him and show him all her things. We went and saw him play soccer and then all (well, except me) got ice cream.

-Sam <3