Blog| August Goals

IMG_3050 I like that every time I'm like "oh this month won't be busy," I end up eating my words. This month was hectic and I know I did awful, but I really did try.

Let's recap July and see what happened.

July Goals


  • Restrict non-essential spending to $50 for the whole month- I failed this spectacularly. I was doing so good and then we decided to buy a $50 skull and taxidermy bugs and it went downhill
  • Swim in the pool once a week- I really wanted to do this one, but unfortunately we did not get a pool cover, it rained, and now we've had to drain and completely scrub and repair the pool because the dogs started to trash it
  • Get back into using the planner-  I've tried to add a lot more and update plans and events to help me keep track
  • Take the dogs on a walk once a week- Nope.
  • Drink more water- I'm going to give myself this one. I have been drinking more water, just not as much as I'd like. But my water intake has gone up



  • Paint one thing not for an event- I did a few fluid art paintings and did an ink drawing!
  • Finish Wonder Woman Read Through- I just got too busy to dedicate 30-40 minutes to that trash. I'm going to try again later
  • Do a painting process blog/livestreamYep! Did a process blog on my Alien painting here
  • Plan out blogs ahead of time- Did this too! I have a lot of blogs planned so I'm not struggling to produce content!
  • Update resume and portfolio- I did not do this, but I want to get really good scans and photos of my paintings first.


  • Start 365 Photo Challenge July 1st- Done!
  • Give up red meat July 5th- Done!
  • Do Vegan Challenge for a week July 20th-27th- Done though we had to change the dates! You can read about that this week!

So 8/13 is more than 60% met! Not the best but then again, I just got slammed with event to trip to event and I feel like I'm barely catching my breath now. One of these days I'll actually have a slow month.

I do need to get my budget under control and get serious about saving money and not spending. I want to get my online shop straightened up, the house clean, and have a good routine for myself to follow and stick to.


So let's look at August Goals!

August Goals


  • Restrict non-essential spending to $100 for the whole month
  • Pay attention to what I eat and allow myself only some treats
  • Go to sleep by 11-1130
  • Take the dogs on a walk once a week or take them somewhere
  • Take care of your dishes every day



  • Paint TWO things not for an event
  • Finish Wonder Woman Read Through
  • Update Etsy shop and list items on Society6
  • Try to nail down a location for the 24 hour lock in
  • Update resume and portfolio


  • Art Coffee Night
  • Garage Sale


I think by getting down a routine it'll help me focus on my projects and that way things don't pile up, the house and animals are getting taken care of, and it'll be less stress for everyone. I need to clean up the business and get things organized and ready to start focusing seriously on it. I want to do more original content, put on more art events, and focus on the art community.

And I really need to start trying to do my personal goals rather than just my work ones. I put myself last to mostly everything and don't take care of myself like I should because if I'm not okay then I can't help others and get things done.

It's all gonna happen! I just have to stay determined and focused!

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-Sam <3