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IMG_1225 And here we are. October. From here on out it's a constant stream of art, movies, baking, costumes, and preparing for Disneyland. It's our favorite time of the year but we definitely go overboard.

But first, let's recap last month to see how I did and if I got my shit together in time for the chaos.

September Goals


  • Get back into eating healthy and not surviving off coffee
  • Budget budget budget
  • Go see a doctor
  • Get at least a couple of the kittens adopted
  • Give yourself a break to rest


  • Figure out deadlines and work on one a week
  • Get back on schedule with blogging & #52selflies & 365 Project
  • Sketch anything and¬†plan out Inktober
  • Start setting date for Ladies Night


  • Halloween Instagram
  • Garage Sale


This is the best I've done with my monthly goals ever, but it also makes since because I made them simple on purpose. We've definitely been eating out a lot this month and we need to get back into cooking and eating healthy, if only for our wallet's sake. But I did budget even if I haven't been great at sticking to it, I saw a doctor (and am finally feeling wonderful!), and Grey & Black are both going to Rony's mom's neighbor. We still have them for now, it's mostly just finding a time to meet up with them or going down to New Mexico and dropping them off.

I did get my deadlines straightened, but didn't stick to the once a week schedule. Some I dropped out of, some I used old work for. I'm back on track, but definitely have some work to do. And I had to drop the 365 Project & #52Selfies just because it didn't feel right to pick it up after such a long time. It felt like cheating.

But Ladies Night is officially set for November 4th and we're working on the flyer and I sketched out my Inktobers and made my own prompt list!

So 8.5/11! Yay!

Now....let's look at October

October Goals


  • Get Mae Mae fixed
  • Pack and plan for Disneyland
  • Keep the house clean
  • Relax and have fun



  • Inktober
  • Work on Wonder Woman Piece
  • Plan out NaNoWriMo
  • Painting for November Gallery
  • Plan out paintings for December


  • 31 Days of Halloween Movies
  • 31 Day Challenge for IG

There's a lot of simple goals and there's a lot of challenges. Literally and non metaphorically.

The personal stuff is overall easy. If I stay on top of everything, don't slack, and have a plan then all of that should be easy. What happens is that when I get busy, everything falls apart in the house. If the house falls apart, it makes me not want to work. So I need to keep my shit together.

And Mae Mae needs to get fixed before she goes into heat again.

Inktober, the Halloween movies, and IG Challenge are going to be the most pressuring but I'm determined to get them all done and keep at them. I need to come up with something for the Wonder Woman gallery next month and the Star Comics gallery and just plan out December's. So two paintings this month, Inktober, story plan layout, and idea sketching.

I wasn't lying when I said October is my busiest month.


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I'll see you on the other side

-Sam <3