Featured Artist: Stephanie Besco

Stephanie Besco is a new artist coming all the way from San Diego, California here for Texas Tech and is showing for the first time in Lubbock at Star Books & Comics Downtown! Both her and her sister, Stacey, are part of TigerBomb!

Her favorite things to work on are portraits and says she's been drawing since she could remember. "I went to the Art Institute for a year but didn't learn anything worth all the I decided to take a hiatus from art by joining the Navy for 6 years and now I'm trying to get back into it in my free time...I really enjoy meeting new artist friends and very much look forward to being active in the Lubbock artist community with all the local rad talent out here!"

Stephanie is one of Lubbock-con's new Featured Artists as well and will have one of her pieces at Alamo Drafthouse November 12th for a Flash Gordon showing as well as Timeless Custom Frames & Art Gallery December 3rd with the other Lubbock-Con Featured Artists for a one night exhibit! The gallery is located at 3501 50th St. #112 in the Mission Plaza, off of 50th St. and Indiana.

For now, you can go by Star Books and Comics 916 16th Street, Thursday-Saturday from 2-8pm. She has two paintings up for our Halloween Artist Collective show including "You Fight or You Die" and "I Have to Return Some Videotapes". Both are available for $150 each. You have absolutely got to see them in person and they'll be up until the end of the month!


Featured Artist: Teena Brewer

Teena Brewer is another new artist that had her first gallery showing at the Halloween Artist Collective at Star Books & Comics Downtown!

She is a self taught artist who says she learned by watching and admiring other artists' work. "I love all types of art! I believe art is all around us...There is so much beauty in this world and I think it's amazing that we can capture it on a canvas, a photo, through words and music." The mediums she's tried and enjoyed so far are watercolors, acrylic, and color pencil because she loves blending colors though she would like to learn and work with other mediums like oil pastels.

You can follow her on Instagram @TeeBrewsArt and can contact her through her Facebook page or Email for art inquiries.

Teena has two pieces up at Star Books and Comics (916 16th st). "The Evil Enchantress" which is available for $75 and "Oogie Boogie" which is $25. You can go see them at the shop Thursday-Saturday from 2-8pm!



Featured Artist: Victoria Gabriella

(I wanted to try and do something new where I feature and share a bit about the artists I'm showing with in our Halloween Artist Collective show at Star Books and Comics. Please like their pages and go see their art!)

Victoria Gabriella is a new artist and had her very first gallery showing at the Halloween Artist Collective at Star Books & Comics Downtown!

She's a self taught artist and uses a variety of mediums from marker to acrylic and loves to experiment! Victoria says, "All of my inspiration came from anime as a kid, which resulted in mostly drawings of women, which works, but lately I feel more in tune with myself and am trying to break off from that a little more and just let anything else that comes to mind start to flow."

Victoria will be showing at the October 2016 Levelland Art Walk tonight along with a few of the artists in the Halloween Artist Collective show! Go say hi!

Her "Poison Ivy" art piece is sold, but her other painting "Love Never Dies" is available for $50 and you can go see it at Star Books and Comics (916 16th st) Thursday-Saturday from 2-8pm!