Holiday Season 2017

This week is Thanksgiving! Which means Black Friday is right around the corner and the holiday frenzy begins! A lot of people are going to be headed out on Thanksgiving evening or Friday morning to hit the big stores for all the deals but remember that small businesses need love too. A perk of support small is that the money goes directly to the artist/owner instead of trickling down the line or going to a big CEO. That means you're helping to feed families, artists, and showing that you can make something on your own.

Plus, now in days, a lot of small artists sell and promote themselves online or through Instagram. So you can shop from the comfort of our home and get personal, original gifts for your loved ones. And I think that's a ton more interesting than a generic toy or shirt they'll forget about.

Last year, I got Rony a commissioned art piece of our cat Pumpkaboo and it was amazing! He got me a small art piece of an adorable Cerberus that I love. Both of them are hanging on our walls. Things like that are memorable and make for wonderful gifts.

I'm working on getting the shop prepared and getting prints made of the new Inktober art. I'm also looking into painting a few small pieces and putting them up for sale so if that's something you're interested in, let me know!

I started a Society6! I've always wished I could offer more merch like mugs and shirts and bags and phone cases but that requires a lot of money (I'd love to do an enamel pin but that's a dream for later). So by using Society6, I don't have to worry about distribution and you can get my art on a variety of objects!


Society6 will be offering a variety of sales for Black Friday but today until Midnight PST you can get 25% off everything!

If you'd like to buy directly from me though, I'll be running a sale through the rest of the month! Everything is 20% off now until December 1st, including Pre-Orders for the Inktober prints! And if you buy 3 items, you'll get free Domestic Shipping! So if there's anything you'd like to grab, now is the time to do it! (And I may be doing some special sales on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday as well)


So please consider shopping small and supporting small businesses and local artists! When you do, you're helping them pursue their dreams, support them making a living, and appreciating their hard work!

Happy Holidays and be sure to spend a lot of time with your friends and family this season!


-Sam <3