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IMG_0378 Last Thursday we took off to Tennessee to attend our friends wedding!

First, we decided that since the flight was at 5:45am we would just stay up all night and get stuff done so we won't have to worry about getting up early. Yeah, it wasn't a great plan. I got a couple of hours of sleep via a nap and then spent the rent of the night running around, cleaning, packing, prepping the dogs for us being out, and packaging some last minute orders.

Rony got some last minute work in and we got an Lyft to take us to the airport. We were behind. More behind than we should have been and on the highway to the airport, I got the notification that they were boarding already.

We literally got on the plane as the gate was closing. It's a first for me and I was not thrilled since being late gives me anxiety.

I passed out on the plane and then we were stuck with a 4 hour layover in Dallas before flying to Nashville. We took turns sleeping on the airport floor and got breakfast and coffee to sustain us.


The flight was only an hour long and the process of  getting our bags and then getting the rental car was relatively easy. We stopped downtown to eat since we were starving and went to Puckett's based on the rental car guy's recommendation. It was pretty amazing and I may have over eaten.

Thursday was mostly just getting to Murfreesboro, checking into our Airbnb, buying a last minute wedding dress (both of my dresses did not make it in time so bleh had to buy a new one), and then going to the rehearsal dinner. We got to our room at 9pm and passed out after 36 hours of being awake.


The next day we met our friends in Lynchburg for the Jack Daniel Distillery tour. I'm not big on alcohol. I mostly drink mixed drink and vodka is my choice. But I love seeing how things are made and so I was pretty down or that.

We saw how the charcoal is made, the barrels, the process the whiskey goes through, and all the buildings and history behind it all. Fun fact: all the trees and buildings are black because of a fungus that grows thanks to the distillery. It's all very goth and we did steal a few twigs to add to our apothecary bottles back home.


After seeing it all bottled and the different kinds, we did a tasting. I was going to skip this part but Rony of course got the front row and so I felt like I had to. Overall it was one shot, split up into 5 different types. We had to hold it in our mouths and were told you aren't suppose to taking it like a shot. Poor me was not down for this but I did all 5!


After the tour, we went to a local restaurant experience at Miss Mary Bobo's house. It's a super unique experience. They do 2-3 reservations a day and you have to do the reservations months ahead. At a specific time, they call you into a room and there's a giant round table with a lazy susan. For the month of December, they do Christmas dinner so it was mac and cheese, ham, chicken and stuffing, sweet yams, green beans, rolls, and a few other things. The hostess will turn the lazy susan and you help yourself to whatever you want and she talks to the group.

It was like a fun little dinner party and we got to learn the history of the place (it's like 200 years old), the history of the owner, and about our hostess. She was a joy to have and told us about all the places she had been and we talked about the wedding and what we all did. The wedding venue had canceled the reservation the day before the wedding because they failed the fire marshal test and so now our friends were trying to find a new place. By the time dinner was over, the whole place knew about what had happened.


Overall it was pretty amazing and Rony was in love with the place. We had chess pie and coffee before leaving back to Nashville. We went to the mall to kill time for a bit and then hung out with our friends downtown and got a few drinks. Nashville downtown is pretty much like Las Vegas and Austin's 6th Street mixed together. We ate some pizza and roamed around before calling it a night. At 9pm our friends found a new venue and everyone stopped panicking (as much).


Wedding day we went and got lunch with the groom. Rony is a groomsman so we figured out the plan, went back to our place, got dressed, and managed to get to the venue in time for them to take pictures. Me and a few of the other of the groomsmans' girlfriends hung out in the venue and chatted for a while.

The place was amazing. They were actually booked up until 2019 but the company party they were suppose to be hosting got canceled so they had room. It had already been fully decorated and set up and they went completely out of their way to help out. It was absolutely perfect and the owners and staff were so nice.


The wedding was great and Rony did a good job :) Afterwards we took pictures at the photobooth and got appetizers and hung out with our other friends that had come in from out of town. There was a Polaroid guestbook and props and we all took pictures before getting food.


There was even a surprise appearance from Santa and Mrs. Claus (who actually happened to be the owners so that was pretty neat)

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We danced and drank and had an amazing time. The bride and groom were gorgeous and I'm so glad everything worked out. I think we may have danced for like 3 hours before sending them off with sparklers and a Christmas sled. We said our goodbyes and made the trek back to the Airbnb to pass out.

The next day we wanted to take off early to make the drive to Alabama to visit Rony's best friend for the rest of the trip.

Tennessee wasn't that bad and we had a good time. 10/10 would do again.

Next post, I'll cover what we did in Alabama <3


-Sam <3