Blog| December Goals

November was as crazy as I predicted and I managed to get a little bit of relaxing time before the big rush hits. But we have a big trip planned in a week and I have a ton of presents to draw, so let's get organized. Goals time!


November Goals


  • Get the house cleaned up and deep cleaned!  We got a lot of the house organized and sorted, but still need a few more areas cleaned
  • Fix the backyard fence Its a neverending battle, but most of the fence has been secured!
  • BUDGET Now just to keep to it :\
  • Use the bullet journal! Still getting the hang of it, but it's been useful!
  • Spend more time with the animals and socialize the kittens The kittens are now out of the nursery and roaming the house like crazy. They're cool with us, but I think we need to get them ok with being handled with strangers. Black missed out on a home because he was too skittish.


  • Get Inktober art scanned and prints made- I got everything scanned, but I need more print paper to get them all printed.
  • Wonder Woman art piece! Ended up being a Batwoman piece but I got it done!
  • Start working on Xmas gifts Most of them are written and I've gotten a few done already.
  • Redo the Etsy shop and get everything listed Go check out the Etsy! Everything is listed now!!
  • Work in your office! Yep and yep though I need to clean it up a bit more.
  • Start back up your IG Done! Posting regularly now!
  • Draw and post 2 times a week at least- The only thing I didn't get done. I drew and painted semi-regularly, but not 2x a week

11/12 goals done! I think that's a record! I was pretty productive and I'm very happy with my progress! I'm still trying to keep out of my lethargy slog, but I think getting back on meds has helped a lot.

I'm working on keeping on top of everything so I'm not mad dashing to get things done, but cross your fingers!

Now December goals!


December Goals


  • Finish deep cleaning the house
  • Rearrange the storage unit
  • No fast food this month
  • Budget! Save at least $100
  • Have people come and socialize kittens



  • Get the Pre-Orders shipped out
  • Finish Christmas art
  • Work on one large painting
  • Start prepping for Lubbock-Con
  • Mark down old inventory

I get from Christmas to New Years off at work so I should have time to get a lot done. I also want to get ahead on blog posts and schedule some ahead of time. Another unofficial goal is to keep going through my clothes and getting rid of some and getting rid of more of any unwanted clutter around the house. That always helps to keep me focused.

Here's to staying motivated and getting work done and also getting some me time!

What are your goals for the month?


-Sam <3