Blog| January Goals

I'm gonna go ahead and say that December was a lot crazier than expected. Between our trip to Tennessee and Alabama, Holiday break, and trying to get everything done as well as Christmas stuff, I didn't get as much done as I could have. IMG_0907



  • Finish deep cleaning the house- I did! But then it got messy again
  • Rearrange the storage unit- We did do that! It's so nice and organized now
  • No fast food this month- I caved and got Mexican food :/
  • Budget! Save at least $100- noooooooooope
  • Have people come and socialize kittens- I debated giving this to myself but it's a no. Frankie got socialized but Black and White are still being little babies. We're gonna have to work on it more.


  • Get the Pre-Orders shipped out-  Kinda. I have two I'm delivering in person.
  • Finish Christmas art- Also a kinda. Some I just caved and bought presents for.
  • Work on one large painting- I did a semi-large fluid art for my mom but that's it. No really large ones.
  • Start prepping for Lubbock-Con- lol no
  • Mark down old inventory- not really

So a pathetic 3/10. Not great and it's fully my fault for getting overwhelmed, not pacing myself, then just lazing on the couch and writing for 3 days. Holidays are always stressful for me and I should have been better prepared.

January is here though! I'm going to try and use the New Year motivation bug to get a bunch done and start the year on the right foot!



  • Clean! Throw out and condense things!
  • Give up soda and drink more water
  • Play and socialize the kittens!
  • Seriously, no fast food.
  • Stay organized and myself some relax time, but not too much

Usually when I want to start new things, I want to start with a blank slate. That goes for our house. I frequently get overwhelmed by clutter and just want to throw everything away. So I'm going to go room to room and figure out what can be tossed, what's broken, or what's just not being used. We need to condense our belongings anyways for the move and I think now would be a good time to pack away what's not neccessary.

I'm also going to challenge myself to cut down on my sugar and for one week, drink only water.

Then of course, there's me time and working with the kittens so we can find them new homes.


  • Get Inktober prints/sketchbook done
  • Go through inventory and restock
  • Paint once a week
  • Do a live stream or speed video
  • Restart #52Selfies

IMG_0912Lubbock-con is going to be coming up fast and I want to focus more of my table on my art. So I won't be selling jewelry or anything. That means I need all my prints done, figure out a new table set up, and get some paintings done to sell maybe. I also want to make sure I make new things often and so I think the video and painting would be good.

#52selfies didn't work out last year with the whole Leon going missing incident, but I want to try and get it done this year.

Pretty sure I say this every time but I think these are doable. I got a new planner I'm trying out to help keep me organized, I'm scheduling time to get things done, and I just need to push myself.

Our gallery for the month, our last one, is Friday and after that it's just prep-work and celebrating birthdays! Not a bad start for a new year.

I'm linking up with Writes Like A Girl so be sure to check out her small goals and everyone else in the link up!


What are some of your goals for the month?

-Sam <3