Blog| Weekend Recap

IMG_1784 It's been a long, crazy weekend.

I was intially going to do a blog for my hair and a seperate one for Rony's Birthday Party, but it's been a trial.


  • I got my hair done proffesionally
  • I rearranged my office
  • Rony had a Graffiti Birthday Party
  • We had to drive to Rosswell and back
  • Frankie almost got adopted
  • Leon escaped. Again.

Okay now let's break that down.



I had been planning to just redye my hair since all the color had faded, but Alex and Marisa both convinced me to go get my hair done for me. I didn't trust myself to bleach more and not ruin my hair so I contacted Alex's friend Hair by Sarah Michelle and scheduled it for Friday after work.

I knew this was going to be a long process. First we did the bleach to extend up the color and after getting all the foil put in, I looked like a satellite. Then we found small dots of red (??? I haven't had purple hair in like a year) so we tried to get those out. Mostly worked. My hair is weird.


Finally we started putting in color. We were initially going to do Teal with little bits of purple but we underestimated the power of the purple and it turned darker than intended. But it would fade nicely and I wasn't mad. So on it went!

She cut and styled it and holy shit, guys it was so soft. Like a freaking cloud. It's never been that soft. And it stayed nice for 4 whole days like YAAAAASSS


The end result was a cool galaxy effect with electric blue and purples and a steel-blue fading in from my roots. I love it. When I go back in a few months, we'll be able to put the Teal straight on it to make it brighter. So thank you, Sarah, for staying until almost 9:30 to get my hair looking freaking awesome!

Afterwards I rearranged my office and found I could fit my whole desk in the weird faux closet. I moved my white board, put up some twinkle lights, and now I have my own little corner while the cats take over the rest of the room. I ain't mad.



For Rony's birthday, we decided to get some giant boards, a bunch of spray paint, snack foods, alcohol, and have everyone graffiti together in our backyard. I made corn dogs (veggie and regular), cheese pizza rolls, got a ton of Lunchables, made cupcakes, and queso for everyone. It was like a real junk food party.

We cleaned the backyard, put music on, and everyone got to hang out and paint for a couple of hours. The dogs were happy to have people over and everyone drank while painting. I even made a timelapse of the whole thing.


Rony and I collaborated and did the Snow Owl from Meow Wolf with some eyeball trees and then he made John Wilkes Booth for some reason (I blame the alcohol and weird friend suggestions)


Afterwards we watched Kung Fu Hustle and played Outpost 31: The Thing Board game and What Do You Meme?

The whole thing was pretty hilarious to watch. Outpost 31 is essentially One Night Werewolf/Resistance/Clue all mixed together. You don't know who the Imitation is and have to slowly get through missions as a team while the monster tries to sabotage you. In the end, we ended with 3 Initiations (Rony included) who managed to trick everyone and win.


Everyone stayed chatting and playing until midnight and all in all, it was a good party.


Rony had borrowed his Step Mom's car to get home for New Years so we had to get up at 7:30am to drive to Roswell to meet with his dad and bring it back. We were tired and hung over and by the time we got home, it was like 2pm already. It was a long morning.

I had been talking to a lady about adopting Frankie and she was all set to go. She was supposed to come over at 3:30 to pick her up but then changed her mind because she didn't want to pay the $50 re-homing fee. Yeah. I'm not giving animals away for free. It's sketchy and I want to make sure people can actually take care of them. So that was a no-go. Plus we've probably paid almost $200 in vet bills for her plus food so it's kinda rude.

So we still have Frankie. Rony isn't mad about it.


We moved the graffiti boards along the fence to block some areas the dogs have been messing with. The backyard was mostly clean, the house was clean, I got to work on some projects. It was a good day.


At 8:30pm, while we were talking on the phone with my mom, the dogs got out. They had chewed off the chicken wire in the ONE spot we hadn't blocked and ripped a board off that hadn't even been loose. SERIOUSLY.

I had heard almost scratching at the door to be let in like 10 minutes before and in that time, they managed to escape.

Almond was found almost immediately still in the alley behind the house. The little butt actually walked right up to me (she never does that. She is the master at thinking she's funny and playing keep away when she escapes). Leon, somehow, was nowhere to be found. IN TEN MINUTES.

Naturally, we are freaking the hell out.

Everyone gets called, we form a search party. It is getting cold, it is dark, and we are panicking. But we have experience which is a good and bad thing. So we split up and cover all directions. Alex thinks she spots him at one point but loses him. Marisa finds his Doppelganger. I find every stray or lost dog in the area. No Leon.

Rony finally joins up with me and we decide to go street by street, alley by alley. He gets tired late at night and hates the cold. He'll huddle up somewhere.

We cover from 19th street to 32nd. Finally at 4am, after 7 hours of constant searching, Rony spots the jerked crossing someone's yard on 32nd street. We had luckily turned down that street at the right time.


Look at this jerk. Look at his ungrateful face. Don't get dogs.

We slept three hours and went to work the next day, exhausted and happy that we actually found him. Then I passed out for 12 hours.

And that was our weekend. I need another one to recover from it.

How was yours? Do you have a jerk dog? Let me know!

-Sam <3