Blog| February Goals


January, while busy, was not as crazy as expected. Yes, we went on ten thousand trips and parties and there was general chaos, but not AS MUCH chaos as expected. So that was great.

I'm beginning to slowly feel the pressure of constant events and deadlines easing as I slowly delegate and step away. Now it's just the stress of actually moving.

One thing at a time. Enough of that. How did my goals go for the first month of 2018?



  • Clean! Throw out and condense things! I tossed out so much stuff, no lie, and I'm still tossing stuff out.
  • Give up soda and drink more water   I'm giving myself a half mark on this. I have been drinking more water, but I relapsed on the soda to keep awake the day after Leon went missing
  • Play and socialize the kittens! They're getting better! They came out when Marisa was over and I consider that a plus
  • Seriously, no fast food. I DID IT
  • Stay organized and give myself some relax time, but not too much I've been using my Planner AND actually had time to play and watch Overwatch League


  • Get Inktober prints/sketchbook done  Got all my 8x10 prints printed out and the colored Inktober zines done!
  • Go through inventory and restock- Less of a restock and more of a "I'm marking everything on clearance and getting rid of it"
  • Paint once a week Yeah I dropped the ball on this big time
  • Do a live stream or speed video I'm counting our graffiti time lapse for this! Fight me on that!
  • Restart #52Selfies  Back on that train!


Guys. GUYS. 8.5/10. I did so good I amazed myself

I'm very aware I make a lot of goals. Between my monthly ones and my yearly ones and my birthday ones, it's a lot. But goals keep me on task and make sure I'm not just aimlessly doing nothing all month/year. And I'm proud that I've kept on task.

I'm working on myself and working towards deadlines, making sure I'm not stressed and taking care of business. All in all, that's a good way to start the year.

Ok, let's move on to February! It's a short month so that means I have to be extra good!



  • Garage Sale
  • Make a capsule wardrobe
  • Cook or throw out all the food that's been sitting in the pantry
  • Do some form of exercise once a week
  • Only drink water doing the weekday
  • Get up at 7am for work



  • Get the art done for Ladies Night
  • Write 2 blogs a week
  • Do 3 art pieces
  • Update resume/portfolio

This month is mostly going to be all about prepping for Lubbock-Con so I didn't want to do anything too intensive. I want to stay consistent and regular with a schedule so I don't turn into a lazy mush bag on the couch.

We got rid of so much stuff in the house that we have to have a garage sale. If it doesn't sell, it gets donated. We had 5+ tubs of Halloween stuff. FIVE. And that was just Halloween seasonal stuff, not the Halloween collectibles in our dining room. I have a ton of clothes I need to toss that don't fit and I want to condense down what I wear even more.

I also want to focus on being less wasteful so all that food sitting in our cabinet because it takes cooking? We gotta make it. I'm going to try and be healthier and drink less tea and juice and switch to water. I really need to exercise.

Over the past 4 years, I've gained 20lbs. I hate it. I've never been this big. I do not like it. So that needs to get fixed. And I need to stop being late for work.

The word of the year is Better! I need to be a better me and a better artist. One day I want to be a full time/self-employed artist and that means I need to be better about managing myself.


What are your goals for the month? Is there anything you want me to write about? Let me know!

-Sam <3