News| What to Expect at Lubbock-Con

Capture We're close to 2 weeks away and I'm deep in prep-work! But I got a bunch of cool new stuff and things in the work!


Both me and Koolaid-Girl Art will be on panels this year with some pretty cool people! Be sure to come see us during these times!!

Wonder Women of Art in Lubbock Texas! LOCATION: Room 106 DATE: February 24, 2018 TIME: 3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

"We cant possibly fit every amazing woman creating art in Lubbock Texas into one room, but we can at least introduce you to a few that are making a difference in our community today. Will Terrell hosts this panel of some of the wonderful talent making this town a better place with Renee Steger Simpson, Julie Raven, Raicodoll, Miss Meghan and Victoria Marie Bee."

Ink, Sweat, and Tears: Adventures in Making Comics LOCATION: Room 104 DATE: February 25, 2018 TIME: 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

"Making comics is one of the most challenging mediums to work in, but also one of the most creatively rewarding. This panel of comic creators discuss their highs and lows, what’s great about working in comics, what to watch out for, and offer advice to aspiring creators. Moderated by Will Terrell with Erica Lynn, Erick Dominguez, Derrick Fleece, and Greg Harms."

New Items

The New Inktober 2017 Sketchbook Zines are done! And this year, I'll have a limited run of Full Color ones!


Next, I have brand new stickers. All stickers will be available for $2 individually, BUT my Seasonal Witches will also be available in a sticker pack as well as my Witch Talons set. The sticker packs will be cheaper than buying each one individually but there will be a limited amount! So snag one before they're gone!


I've also been hard at work converting all my art into two new print sizes. I'll now be selling prints in 8x10 and 5x7 sizes! And I'll have the new Inktober prints (or most of them) available as prints.

I'll also have Originals for sale too :)

But with new stuff means I have to clear out some old. I've been changing directions with my shop and art and that means I'm clearancing out a lot of things.


Pretty much I'm discontinuing all my jewelry and brooches. The time and money I had to put into them just couldn't make up for how low I had to sale them or how long they sat on my shelves. I literally hand cut EVERYTHING, baked EVERYTHING (they're all made of Shrink Film, glazed or painted EVERYTHING, then had to assemble the chain and hooks from scratch all my myself. It was hard and I do not recommend when you're selling them for $5-$10.


Banner necklaces unfortunately are leaving too, though I will keep making my Be Terrifying ones. I'm thinking of getting them made into enamel pins, but I just can't give them up. They're what kicked off my business and got shared by both Kelly Sue DeConnick and Will Wheaton.

Unfortunately, they're also made out of Shrink Film and it was too much work to make them.


I may remake the Undercut Club into a patch, but for now, all my old Stickers are clearanced.


And my poor Eevees. I love them but holy shit were they such a PAIN to make. I hand cut them ALL. They are small. TINY. And come with TINY TINY earrings. Unfortunately, Jolteon already sold out and I still have a bunch of un-assembled charms left but I may just sell those on their own.


And with the new move to 8x10/5x7 Prints, I will be discontinuing my 11x17 and 4x6 Prints. They're be marked down a lot too.

Annnnnd pretty much all of my digital art/Comic Pin-Ups are being discontinued too. I just grew really unhappy with the style and grew out of love with them. Plus it makes my portfolio look really weird with all the different styles.

So if you liked any of those! Grab them while you can! Lubbock-Con will pretty much be the last place you can get them! Only a small amount will be available online!

I'm pretty excited and there's a ton happening in preparation! I'm trying to get together a cosplay but we'll see how it turns out!

If you want to come see our booth (and Rony's who will be right next to us), visit us at tables F-11 & F-10!


This may be the only convention we attend this year so come and say hi to us! I'm always happy to chat!

This month is going by so fast and I still have a lot planned. But I'm excited and happy with the direction my things are taking. I also made a new banner so I'm pumped about that.

That's it for now! Tomorrow I'll have a regularly posted blog!

-Sam <3