Blog| Favorite Witch Style Etsy Shops

I'm a big fan of Etsy and like to get things from there when I can. A lot of my patches, shirts or dresses are from there and I've managed to find a lot of shops that match my witchy aesthetic. Here's 5 witchy shops on Etsy that I'm absolutely in love with!

Cat Coven

Catcoven (2).jpg
Catcoven (3).jpg

They were the first shop I found and I fell in love instantly. Cats, bats, witches, and all sorts of goodies! I love the style of their art and absolutely had to get that cat back patch for my leather jacket. They're been producing new products pretty consistently and I love seeing their process on Instagram! Definitely a must follow!


When I got my first order from Fennec, it came with this neat little info card with an amazing print on the back. I instantly took a picture and made it my cover photo because I was obsessed. Insects, skeletons, flowers, this whole shop has everything I love. And I'm dying to buy their tin mugs (especially that moth one). I can't fit into my dress I bought from them anymore, but I love it too much to part with and will definitely find a use for it! Or maybe I'll use it as an excuse to buy something new ;)


I have a think for animal bones. Like you didn't know, right? I have a few around the house and when we moved into our new office at work, I got excited about getting to decorate mine. I found this shop scrolling through and added everything to my favorites list. I bought and framed the cat skull patch and it's amazingly gorgeous. A majority of their selection is patches, but they do have a few bags and shirts. And there are a million ways to use patches now so no excuse not to puruse their shop!


I found The Rogue + The Wolf on Instagram and drooled over their simple but beautiful rings. Most are 3D printed with a soft, suede feel to them. There's a bunch of different options and all of them make you feel powerful and amazingly cool. The downside is I have to international shipping and these babies aren't cheap, but when I feel like splurging on myself, I come here.


I've been working on learning Tarot but I've been in love with older Tarot designed cards for a while. Lafayette Factory is all about different types of occult designs from classic medieval Tarot  to Loteria. They even offer Spirit Clothes and leggings. Check them out and treat yourself to something cool and nice!

If you can't tell, I have a very obvious aesthetic. Black, white lines, bones, flowers, witchy stuff. You can find all sorts of things on Etsy that fit that pretty easily which is why I love it! (And this is just the fashion shops I like).

Let me know what other favorite Etsy shops you'd like to see me feature! I'll probably have to make an art one since my favorites is overflowering with artists!

-Sam <3