geek girl brunch

The Slow End

...of my convention season. Not of me but I mean, you never know. Ama-Con is done and the prep for Hub City Comic Con begins. HC3 will be the last convention for me for the year, but not the last thing I do. Between two different gallery showings, Ladies Night (see Event calendar for details), conventions, and Geek Girl Brunch, my plate has been very full.

Better to be busy than to have no work, right? Right? Somebody?


First up, GGB had a Book swap brunch and then the following a Pokemon Go meet up. Both were awesome and had a great turnout. We've even started getting a tiny bit of press about our events and ended up with a crap load of sign ups.

Ama-Con was a wonderful experience this past weekend and it was great to have people come up and say they had previously met me at "insert convention" and loved my stuff. It feels like I'm starting to get a bit of traction after almost a year of entering the convention circuit.


Hub City will be my one year con-iversary actually so maybe it's time I add some new stuff. I'm working on a second sketchbook since I started getting requests for another one. Debating if I should make it of my fan art sketches, originals, or both so feedback would be nice.

And because Overwatch is a black hole that keeps sucking me in, expect some stuff from that.

I'm working on getting the Eevee set as a keychain version for those who either don't have their ears pierced to wear the earrings or boys. Boys, you can wear the necklace set. I promise you'll still look cool. I'm also finally getting the Starter Pokemon drawn out and done to add to the Pokemon set.

Also debating on doing some Pokemon Go Team flash art but don't quote me on that. They take a while.

Besides that, I have a lot of paintings to work on for the Suicide Squad Exhibit and for the FFAT at Star Comics Downtown. Ladies Night is this Saturday and we're starting to move to having a featured artist for each one. This one we're featuring Kyanne Birley who has previously helped out at the event! So come out if you can!


Gotta wrap everything up everything before family vacation (so much traveling. So so much. What is life)

If you have a request for something you'd like to see at Hub City Comic Con or just in general, let me know! I'll see what I can do!

Until next time

-Sam <3

Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock Launch and Arts!

It's been a crazy few weeks and still got about a couple of weeks to go until Hub City Comic Con! #Workcomics is at the printers and so we're anxiously just waiting for it to be done. Lots of art has been finished, sketch to final, but lots more is still being done. Like stickers!!

Sticker sheets and individual stickers will be available at Hub City and then on Etsy afterwards. I have at least 5 sticker sheets planned, but we'll see how many I'll get done considering my digital cutter is being finicky with me. I also have a few more necklaces planned too and I'll update with pictures later!

I had planned on making multiple sizes of prints, but it looks like the budget is only going to allow me bringing 4x6. Once the prints go on Etsy, you'll be able to choose between 4x6 or 8.5x11.

Lots lots lots to do. I haven't slept. Sleeping is for the weak! (I'm so very tired)

But this Saturday is Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock's launch brunch! We're very excited to launch officially and see all the lovely ladies that came to our Prelaunch. It was a blast last time so it's sure to be fun this time around. We've even started planning the next one already (and I may have started planning Ladies Night too, but shhhhhh).

So there's an update. Lots of plans. Lots to get done. If you're in the Lubbock area, come out to Hub City Comic Con and say hi! My side event info has been updated with our booth number!

-Sam <3

Week 8 and Geek Girl Brunch!

#Workcomics have been updated! Sorry I got a bit behind; they pile up if I miss a weekend. I've been doing them daily for just about 8 weeks now which is pretty good for me. I've almost missed a few days so if you follow me on Facebook and don't see one by 530pm (Central) then yell at me to do one before I leave work. This isn't #At-Home-Comics.

In other news, I updated my events on the side with additional places to find met! I added G33k3 in McKinney in December so if you're in that area then come say hi! I'll be updating more events as they get announced and such, but there are a lot! It won't be hard to find me, just look at my comics and find the small child looking girl with glasses.

For now, I'm in the process of moving to a new apartment and getting settled. I've been living with my best friend as a roommate for about 5 years and am now getting my own place so that means new work area and office space! (And possibly a new kitten but that's a different story) Add in a trip to Albuquerque, starting to get ready for the next Ladies Night, a few commissions, and prepping for Hub City Comic Con in August and I've got a full plate.

11149248_961929037159659_257226707248091124_nSpeaking of plates (as if I didn't have enough to do), guess whose helping bring Geek Girl Brunch to Lubbock?! Me and four other wonderful ladies are Officers for Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock and are bringing the organization to our little town for our local geeky ladies. Our official launch date is in August but we'll be having a pre-launch brunch in June! Be sure to sign up to get sent the invites for our events! And let your friends know! Our official brunches will be 18+ but we'll be having other all ages events as well!

Lots of stuff going on and more stuff to do! I'm hoping to have the sketchbooks up and listed sometime in the next few weeks after I get moved and settled and maybe some more merch as well. I'm testing a few things out before I list them. If you haven't seen, I reduced the price on my Etsy prints to clear some things out before I move so go buy while they're on sale!

Talk to you guys later <3 -Sam