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IMG_0407 I read a lot of Autobiographies and self-help books. I like hearing other women's stories and what they're been through and I like trying to motivate myself to work harder and better. 51pppqitpzl-_sx324_bo1204203200_

Recently I read The Big Life: Embrace the Mess, Work Your Side Hustle, Find a Monumental Relationship, and Become the Badass Babe You Were Meant to Be by Ann Shoket. Ann Shoket was the Editor-In-Chief of Seventeen Magazine and started what are called Badass Babes Dinners where she gets groups of ambitious women and talks about their projects and goals and what's holding them back.


Naturally, I wanted to do one.

The other Geek Girl Brunch Officers (My friends Alex, Jennifer, and Noel) helped plan it and Alex offered up her home to everyone. We ordered pizza and pot lucked and had about 16 girls total show up.

Everyone was different. Some we knew through Geek Girl Brunch, some through different ways we worked in the community, some from the art scene, and some were friends of friends. Being involved in different events and organizations means you meet women from all walks of life and it was great to see the diversity in the group.


We all chatted and ate and women that hadn't met got to know each other.

And then we started and I talked about the idea about the dinner and asked the question Ann Shoket always starts her dinners with, "If I could magically solve one problem for you, what would it be?"

One by one, we all introduced ourselves and talked about our problems and fears and our lives. Provided suggestions or relayed our own experiences if they were similar. Women looking for friends found a whole room full of them.

A lot of the women exchanged numbers or sent Facebook requests and requested that a FB group be made. Horror movie nights and writing groups and more dinners were requested. Project ideas were shared.


We shared ourselves and were welcomed wholly.

When you share your fears, it can make you vulnerable. I wanted to make sure these wonderful ladies left at least on a positive note. I asked everyone to share something they liked about themselves or were at least good at and a goal or dream for the next five years.

It's hard, looking at yourself and seeing the positive instead of the things you're insecure about. But I wanted them to see at least one good thing.

Some goals were small, some were large. If the answers were still in the vein of being negative about themselves, I pushed them until they answered positively. The room listened and helped and we all supported each other.


I think we all talked together for almost 3 hours. We didn't get to discuss as many different things, but there will probably be more dinners in the future. More chances to talk about the things we love and our passions and goals and help each other.

It meant a lot to see these women connect and talk and trust each other with their fears. I know it's not something a lot of us talk about a lot and knowing there were people facing the same problems helped.

Thanks you, bad ass babes, for coming! It meant the world.


-Sam <3