Come See Me at Lubbock-Con!

2017poster Hello, lovelies!

A non-blog post for once! In case you didn't know, I will be attending Lubbock-Con Memorial Day weekend! I'll be there May 27th & 28th!

The neat thing is I will actually have a Featured Artist table! You'll be able to find me in the Pedestrian Hall near the panel rooms and outside the Banquet Hall. I'm FA-3 :)


Saturday I will be cosplaying as Punk Sombra and Sunday I will be Retro/Bombshell Batwoman. Come say hi and check everything out as this will be my only convention for the year!

Also! I'm discontinuing a lot of jewelry as well as my 11x17 prints so this will be the time to get them while you still can. I won't be making any more of the jewelry designs and the prints will be switching to 8x11 once they're gone.

These are the designs that are getting discontinued:


I'll also have sketchbooks including my new Inktober one as well as originals and prints of the Inktober sketches.

I'm super excited to see everyone so please come by!

-Sam <3